IndiaAranya Chakrabarti

I was born on the 1st of May, 1999. My schooling started at Don Bosco Park Circus, Kolkata, where I
studied till my class 10 boards. And I finished my 11 and 12 at Akshar School, Kolkata. I have done my
graduation in Rabindra Bharati University, in western classical music.
I am right now doing masters of Arts in western classical music in Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
I am also a student of Calcutta school of Music, pursuing piano. I got a ‘dancing finger’ trophy for getting first
place in London College of Music Examination Grade 2 in keyboard.
I also have a YouTube channel where I upload my different music videos.
The name of the channel is Ar An Ya

South AfricaChris Beedt

Chris has worked in neurodiversity advocacy for over a decade. Her driving passion is for making the world more accessible for everyone.

UKDavid Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond is an autistic mental health and addiction advocate living in south-east England. He runs the Facebook page and blog "Emergent Divergence", is Chief Operating Officer for NeuroClastic, and is a presenter for Aucademy. He has done consultancy work in his home city around the topic of neurodivergent addicts, and is currently working on his first book.

Special EducatorRakshita Shekar

I specialize in building relationships with students and making classes engaging and fun. I teach children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. My special area of interest is behaviour management. I have more than 15 years experience in teaching.

IndiaDevrupa Rakshit

A lawyer by education, and a journalist by profession – Devrupa is a coffee-hating,
quiz-loving, currently-vagabonding feminist in her 20s.
Her poetry, articles, and paintings on mental health and gender have been published in Mad In Asia Pacific, The Wire and Gaysi among others. At present, she’s working an Assistant Editor at The Swaddle.
She's also working on her first book, and was one of top three finalists at Signature
Masterclass, where she got an opportunity to enact one of her stories on stage with Rajkumar Rao. She also has a podcast-on-hiatus called #DateNightsWithD on
Spotify, which she hopes to restart later this year.

IndiaAnand Balasubramanian

Freelance writer, basically somebody who likes to learn and transmit knowledge. Knowledge is better than information.

IndiaDrishaan Grover

I was diagnosed Autistic at the age of 3 along with my twin brother.
I finished my schooling in Baroda and Delhi.
My favourite subjects in School were Maths and Science
I did my B Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from a college in Ghaziabad
Soon after my graduation I got a job in SAP Labs.
Currently I am working as Associate Developer in SAP Ariba Bangalore
I am staying independently in Bangalore while my family lives in Ghaziabad
I am passionate about Computer Programming, love solving Code Words and am a big fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Nintendo.

ScotlandFergus Murray

Fergus is an autistic science teacher, activist and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their background is in physics and philosophy, but they seem to have wandered into more chemistry and psychology in recent years. They are the offspring of Dinah Murray, another autistic activist and free-ranging scholar, who worked with Wenn Lawson to devise and refine the theory of Monotropism. They are also the Chair of the Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh (AMASE)

IndiaJanak Doctor-Gregory

I am Janak Doctor-Gregory, I am a language student who lives in Mumbai, who has Asperger’s syndrome, which is a high functioning version of Autism.
I am currently studying Spanish at a high level and level 3 of Italian, I have completed my studies in B.A. in Ancient Indian Culture, from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and I am currently unemployed and however looking for a job in the Arts and Culture sphere.

IndiaKabir Kumtha

I am an entrepreneur. Kabir’s Kreations started when I began making and delivering garlands of marigold flowers (torans and haars) to neighbours within a 5km radius of my home. Now we are a group of three Creative Colleagues working together. We make garlands, lanyards for spectacles and other products. I also work part time in a sheltered workshop, The Anchorage, where I do assembly and packaging work. I love singing and know a large number of songs and tunes. Besides music, I am good at solving geometrical puzzles (some created by the IIT Design Cell) and painting. One of the things I have done is to recover from falling from the fourth floor when I was very small. In 2019, the Asian Physiotherapy and Research Institute gave me the “Rukna Nahi” award at Surat for this and for becoming an entrepreneur. I am happy and gentle by nature and I like everyone else to be happy and gentle too. Other than this, I am autistic and have intellectual disability and other disabilities arising out of my near-fatal fall.
(Note: I have been helped by my parents to write this abstract as I am a man of few words and they are my support for reading, writing and guiding me through understanding any new activities and experiences.)

UKLaura McConnell

Laura McConnell is an experienced teacher, with 11 years of experience in the mainstream primary sector as a classroom teacher, Behaviour Support teacher and Support for Learning teacher, in addition to a period as an Acting Principal Teacher. Now working in the Additional Support Needs (ASN/SEN) sector, Laura is back at the roots of her education career which started in a playscheme for disabled children while she was a student at University.
Diagnosed as Autistic, Dyslexic, with ADHD and PTSD as an adult, Laura was finally able to make sense of a lot of her earlier struggles in school, in social dynamics and with eating disorders throughout her earlier life. Now a proud Neurodiversity advocate, Laura is passionate about improving; access to healthcare, outcomes in education and experiences within the criminal justice service for Neurodivergent individuals.
Laura brings a wealth of professional expertise mixed with research knowledge and her own lived experience to all her speaking engagements, leaving audiences inspired and ready to make changes!

IrelandLaura Murray

I am a 36 year old late diagnosed autistic mother of two. I found writing helped me
process life at the age of twelve and have been writing ever since. I have written a
novel, short stories and many poems and prose. I love visual media such as
photography and film making. I have been told that my work is visceral, evocative
and that I can put words to things that my readers struggle to express in

TurkmenistanMel Duncan

Neurodivergent (Autistic/ADD)
Late diagnosed (aged 50)
Founding Director and wellbeing lead of a Charity working with Neurodivergent young people who are struggling within mainstream education.

AmericaMoriah Williams

Moriah Williams is a white queer autistic writer and somatic practitioner who lives in the southwestern United States. They have a special interest in the interplay between healing self and society and what this means in the context of neurodivergence and various marginalized and centered identities.

IndiaPranav Sethi

I am a late diagnosed adult with autism and have been running a small Instagram
and facebook account on autism advocacy and goes by the name “the boy who
grew up as an aspie”.
I am a post graduate and currently employed with a manufacturing unit
Since my diagnosis I have been writing about various instances from day to day
life and how my autism impacts my daily functioning. I also talk about my struggles
and about navigating through this neurotypical world.

AmericaMoriah Williams

Moriah Williams is a white queer autistic writer and somatic practitioner who lives in the southwestern United States. They have a special interest in the interplay between healing self and society and what this means in the context of neurodivergence and various marginalized and centered identities.

IndiaRitika Gupta

Ritika Gupta is an artist and media creator specialising in acrylic and mixed media art. After graduating in History, she went on to complete her post graduation in Media and Cultural studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Her research interests include identity construction, popular culture and sexuality studies.

IndiaRupalim Hazarika

I am 28 years old. I have done my masters in mathematics and currently pursuing my second masters in sociology. I am currently preparing for civil services. I have never hold a formal job but I do some online freelancing work as editor. My hobbies are reading, listening to music, collecting stamps. I also do snailmail penpalling but I don’t like reducing it to a hobby. I browse a lot, main platform being Twitter. Special interest in gender and sexuality issues.
NOTE: I am pansexual and nonbinary person ( afab-assigned female at birth. I don’t think I am trans but I don’t like the word woman for myself. Please refer to me as person)

AmericaSarah Selvaggi Hernandez

Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez is an autistic author, educator, occupational therapist, and international speaker. She was also the first openly autistic person elected to serve in a government position in the United States. Sarah is passionate about occupational science, sensory processing, and autistic identity. Her vision remains centered on the creation of identity-affirming autistic contexts to support neurodivergent development. She runs the popular social media site The Autistic OT

UKSharmin Faruque

I have an MA in Autism Studies and previously worked as a civil servant for the UK government. My son was diagnosed autistic at the age of 3 and I was diagnosed at the age of 33.

UKSofia Akbar

I am a Pakistani Muslim secondary maths teacher born and raised in Scotland. I was diagnosed in February this year after fighting for my teenagers diagnosis. I was blamed for the his behaviour difficulties and mine so I went out alone to seek my answers and met my tribe. I am now director of my own property investment services business.


Spandna is a literature graduate who sees the world through stories. Her research interests include fandom studies, textual analysis, neurodivergence, subcultures, mental health, and communication. Between long naps and adulting demands she collects cat memes, makes videos and dreads writing bios.

IndiaSushmita Ganguly

An eighteen year old autistic lesbian with adhd who survives the pains of life by fully submerging themselves in creating and consuming art in hopes that someday their pen would move communities to action and make this world a safer place for those like them.

IndiaTarun Verma

I am Tarun Verma. I work in Aadhaar Vocational Center at Action For Autism. I like playing games on phone and computer. I love my books. I also like listening to music and watching videos on youTube. I enjoy going out.
happy family having fun outdoors

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