Marriage5 Things Guys Want But Will Never Tell You

13th August 2020by Truhap0
Warren Wong

God created man and woman as equals but he wired us entirely in different ways. How else can you explain the fact that a man almost never tells you what he wants from you whereas we women are always doing the opposite? Well. Here are five things that your man certainly expects from you but will never tell you.

A pleasing voice tone

A friendly voice tone can make all the difference in a relationship. Men appreciate and expect a pleasant tone of voice from the women in their lives. Make healthy conversation by using a kind tone of voice.


Appreciation from the woman in his life is probably one of the biggest motivators for a man. Endear yourself to him by expressing genuine appreciation for all the big and small things he does for you. Moreover, appreciate him for who he is and see how happy you make him.


Acknowledgement or recognition is something which all men crave for. Men often play a larger role in society and do a lot for their families as well as friends.  But they hardly get the recognition they need. Give credit to your man for all his hard work as this will keep him going.


Men desperately need respect from the women in their lives. It is something that makes your partner feel like a man. Listen to him and do not decide for him. Respect is one of the most important things that will make your bond stronger.


No man will ever ask you for compliments. But that doesn’t mean that he does not wish to hear them. Tell him when he dresses well or when his hair looks dashing. Only take care that your compliment is genuine.

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