Emotional Exhaustion: All you need to know

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Emotional Exhaustion is one of the symptoms of burnout and prolonged stress in personal life, and the workplace is one of the causes. When people suffer from emotional exhaustion, they feel emotionally low, fatigued, depressed, drained, and overwhelmed. These emotions can’t be ignored and can lead to the severity and affect your mental health further. 

Emotional exhaustion develops gradually & slowly with time and can also be described as mentally tired or feeling drained out. It can negatively affect you overall- physically, emotionally & mentally. 

People going through emotional exhaustion often feel like they have no control over their life situations. They many times feel trapped or stuck, both mentally & physically. 

Poor sleep, low motivation & energy levels can make it difficult to recover from emotional exhaustion. This situation should be handled with love & care at the right time to prevent further damage to your mind & body.

In this blog, we will learn about the causes and symptoms of emotional exhaustion that can help you or your loved ones to overcome this issue as soon as possible and remain healthy mentally & physically. 

What Causes Emotional Exhaustion?

If a person experiences anxiety or stress sometimes, it is normal, but when the stress is constant & increasing, it leads to chronic stress, which is harmful to your body. One of the causes of emotional exhaustion is chronic stress. 

Chronic stress is caused due long-time exposure to harmful triggers. These triggers can in turn lead to physical and mental exhaustion. 

Emotional exhaustion can also be due to stressful situations at the workplace or personal life for a long period. 

The causes of emotional exhaustion differ from person to person. What is stressful for person A can be easily malleable for person B. 

The common causes of emotional exhaustion are:

  • Having a child;
  • Stressful jobs such as doctors, teachers, nurses, and teachers;
  • Intense studies, such as medical studies, engineering, and so on;
  • Long working hours at a job you do not like;
  • Poverty or financial stress;
  • Death of a closed loved one or family member;
  • Having a chronic illness;
  • Going through prolonged divorce proceedings;

A person many times can also experience physical exhaustion and the causes are:

  • While recovering from an illness or suffering from a one;
  • After intense physical exercise or workout;
  • Inadequate sleep for several nights;
  • Having a physically demanding job;


How to identify signs of Emotional Exhaustion?

The burnout process is slow and it is hard to identify the signs/symptoms of emotional exhaustion initially. There are many different ways to know the signs of exhaustion in your loved ones or yourself. If you are looking for an organization that can help you with your exhaustion, Truhap can guide you with the best depression treatment in Hyderabad

The symptoms of emotional exhaustion are the following:

Physical Signs of Exhaustion

Below listed are a few examples of physical exhaustion. It is always advisable to identify these physical signs your body gives you. Track these signs to know how they are affecting your body. 

Few signs of physical exhaustion are:

  1. Reduced appetite
  2. Difficulty in sleep/ insomnia
  3. Frequent body pain & headaches
  4. Chronic illness (low immune system)
  5. Disturbed digestion system/ constipation
  6. Dizziness
  7. Increased chest pain/ increased heart rate/ heaviness in the heart
  8. Sexual problems
  9. Gain/loss of weight/ changes in appetite
  10. Anxiety/ depression

Emotional Signs of Exhaustion

Mental exhaustion symptoms are more complex to identify in comparison to physical symptoms. People experiencing these symptoms engage in undermined behaviour. Few signs of mental/emotional exhaustion are:

  1. The feeling of discouragement/sorrow
  2. Feeling more irritated often
  3. Increased anger
  4. Fear of failure
  5. Low motivation to complete any work
  6. Passivity
  7. Forgetting things/ difficulty in remembering anything
  8. Increased usage of drugs/alcohol to overcome the stress
  9. Difficulty in decision making/ trouble in concentrating on any task
  10. Feeling more emotional than usual
  11. Feeling overburdened

If any of these behavioural changes keep hampering you & your health, you can take the help of Truhap is one of the best mental health professionals in Hyderabad


Untreated & ignorable emotional exhaustion signs can majorly affect your mind and body and lead to adversely affecting your quality of life and relationships with your loved ones. 

A mental health therapist can help you reduce your symptoms. A mental health therapist can provide you with guidance & treatment to cope with your depression and stress. 

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