How to increase your child’s intelligence?

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Let us admit that all of us wish our kids to be the smarty-pants in the entire class. Parents all over the world are getting inclined to buy IQ boosting products to make their kids smarter. Some parents are attempting to raise their children’s IQ as much as possible.

Some parents, on the other hand, have no idea how to boost their child’s intelligence. According to recent studies, scientists discovered that intelligence is not just a fixed inherent gift from parents. A child’s intelligence is also influenced by several other factors.

It is now possible to boost your child’s intelligence. Emphasize and keenly work on the initial ten years of your child’s life. During this phase, the child’s brain is capable of developing complex neural networks. So focus on enhancing the child’s brain during this age bracket.

It is not necessary that one can do so with the help of store-bought intelligence-boosting products. The right kind of intellectual training can also help your child’s intelligence grow. Read on further; to know some techniques suggested by child psychologists which can aid parents to improve the IQ of their child.

What is an IQ Level?

 Before we discuss or find out the ways and means to enhance our child’s intelligence or child’s IQ, let us first get our facts clear. To begin with, let us analyze and understand what an IQ level is? IQ is an abbreviation for intelligence quotient.

It is used to measure the potential and intellectual intelligence of a person. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, Universal Nonverbal Intelligence, are some examples of standardized IQ testing. Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, developed one of the most widely used assessment procedures in the 1900s.

There are numerous popular IQ tests on search engines that are used to measure the intelligent quotient. An accurate intelligent quotient is measured by standardized testing carried out by licensed child psychologists.

Ways to Increase your Child’s Intelligence

Parents can significantly help their kids; to develop required critical thinking skills and intelligence. It will help the child to not only succeed academically but in all other aspects of their life. In 1971, a psychologist – Raymond B Cattell created a theory whereby he split intelligence into a few categories. According to him, there are two types of human intelligence: crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence.

The development of intellectual skills is linked to crystallized intelligence. It is the knowledge that we have in our memories and the skill to apply this to problems. Whereas, Fluid intelligence is correlated with an abstract way of thinking. We can rationalize and solve problems.

Boosting our child’s intelligence is not rocket science. However, a series of tactics and mindful little steps will go a long way. These types of intelligence can be induced by several environmental and genetic factors like parenting style, genes, nutrition, parental IQ, and education.

Some activities that one can do to improve different areas of intelligence are analyzing, reasoning, planning to problem-solving are as below:

Memory Activities

Memory exercises can help you improve your language and reasoning skills. Memory games are used to analyze how they are related to object knowledge and language skills. The child’s brain functions similarly to a sponge, soaking up everything it comes into contact with.

Memory games based on different age group helps to kindle their minds and develop skills. Puzzles, chess, Sudoku, board games, etc., are some of the few examples that encourage their curiosity and make them smarter. Intelligence is measured through language and reasoning.

Executive Control Activities

Executive Control is a psychological concept. It is a set of mental abilities that include things like flexible thinking, working memory, and self-control. It refers to the ability to exert control over complex cognitive activities. These skills are useful in everyday tasks to work, learn, and manage routine life.

The trouble with cognitive skills can make it difficult to follow directions, focus, handle emotions, and several other things. Based on numerous studies, executive function is correlated to fluid intelligence. Some activities that are involved in executive control training are Pictionary, Brain-teasers, Scrabble, etc.

Visuospatial reasoning activities

The intellectual processes associated with physical representations are referred to as Visuospatial reasoning. Visual-spatial intelligence is vital in several professional and academic fields. Spatial reasoning or thinking involves the shape of the objects, their positions, and their spatial relations with each other.

It also includes remembering and understanding the exact location of the objects. Then visualize objects transform to form new spatial relations. We use spatial skills in our routine life. Visual imagination and problem-solving require a high level of visualization. Some activities used for spatial and visual training are 3-D models, mazes, unfolded prisms, etc.

Relational skills

The Relational Frame Theory can significantly improve children’s IQ scores. RFT was launched to arrange a variety of psychological data into a theory of language-based contextual interactions. Its focus is on the development of human cognition and language through relational associations. Recent studies have shown that this helps to improve IQ, numeric reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Some activities for it are object comparisons, learning a new language, etc.

Musical instruments

Studies show that musicians have better working memory as compared to non-musicians. Children’s brain activity increases when they play a musical instrument. Learning a musical instrument requires several mental skills like listening, memory, motor, etc.

It also helps to increase attention span, focus, and commitment. It directly benefits your child’s intelligence. Listening to music enhances child speech capabilities, recognizes sounds, and boosts auditory skills.


Food and nutrition are an integral part of developing your child’s intelligence. Parents need to focus on providing the required nutritional elements in the diet like Omega 3 fatty acids. Researches have shown that children who regularly eat Omega 3 have much-developed IQ levels and better brain functioning.

Apart from Omega 3, children should also consume spinach, milk, walnut, blackberries, fish, and other protein-rich foods. A child’s brain requires a healthy balance of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, glucose, Zinc, Iron, and folic acid.

Learning new languages

The majority of us would be fluent in at least two languages. Knowing or learning multiple languages is beneficial for human brains. Learning a second language has shown significant benefits for memory, intelligence, concentration, and decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in later stages of life.

It is also the most practical and effective way to keep your mind sharp. According to some researches; learning language through interaction and conversation with toddlers is the most beneficial for cognitive results later in life.

Frequent reading

Encourage your child to read because it is the most cost-effective and never-fail method of improving her learning abilities. Beginning at a young age, read to your child. Reading promotes cognitive development in humans.

The benefits of cognitive development are well-defined when reading books is an integral part of parental bonding activities. Studies have proven that when parents read books to their children, their child develops better cognitive development skills.

Continued education

Education, in whatever form it takes, is critical to the development of human intelligence. This activity is still being researched to understand the impact of education on IQ levels. So far, studies have shown that each additional year of formal education results in a 1 – 5 IQ point increase for students.


Every parent aspires to provide the best for their children. All of them wish to see their child as a successful adult in the future. Competition intensifies with each passing day. Today’s children will have to survive in a much more competitive environment in their adulthood.

For their children to have a successful life later, parents must ensure proper skill development of their child from an early age. The information in this article will assist you in determining which aspects to concentrate on to improve your child’s intelligence quotient.

If you still have second thoughts or any queries, it would be best to seek a consultation with the renowned child psychologist in HyderabadTruhap. We will closely analyze, determine the child’s current IQ, and help and guide parents on different ways to increase their child’s intelligence.

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