Improve Your Child’s Performance During Exams Through Right Food

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Exams are periodic assessments that are an integral part of the academic journey of each child. Though they are just an assessment tool, it causes a lot of stress on the child’s nervous system. In our traditional setup, too much emphasis is given to academic success, thus leading to fears and high expectations affecting the child’s nerve function

Studying till the dawn, munching on midnight snacks, with a strict no-no to social media and other entertainment modes is a part of the routine during these days. During exam time, not just the child but the entire home ambiance is too stressful. Your child’s nutrition goes haywire. While your children are buried inside their books as a parent it is imperative to focus on your child’s eating habits. Exam pressure leads to several health issues such as upset stomach, headache, and much more. In this case, parents should keep watch of their child’s diet to ensure that they have impactful and rapid learning ability, as well as improved attention and focus. Parents can refer and follow nutrition programs designed for their children to ensure that their child is consuming the right foods to boost memory power.  

List of Nutritional Diet for a child to fight with exam stress

One of the biggest lapses, which a child makes, while preparing for exams is to study incessantly, sleeping fewer hours, be physically dormant and consume unhealthy food. All these, not only will elevate the exam time stress, but will also stimulate mental lethargy, weight gain, and lack of alertness. As a result, it is even more critical for the child to consume a well-balanced diet, get enough nourishment, and improve memory, energy, and focus to study effectively. Consulting a TruHap child psychologist will help you better understand your child and help them to be well-prepared for difficult times. 

Read on further to know the basic yet important foods that may help to offer the right kind of nutrition to the child that is essential during the exam phase. 

Nutritious Drink

To help retain concentration and focus brain needs glucose that is a constant source of energy. For this, it is recommended to have a nourishing beverage early in the morning, followed up by small meals to ensure that the brain receives a constant supply of energy in the form of glucose. 

Whole Grains & Legumes 

As discussed above, optimum energy is required during exam times. Children should consume whole grains and legumes that are high in fiber. Whole grains such as millets, whole wheat, brown rice, soybeans, whole pulses are great sources of glucose. They contain Vitamin-B complex that is crucial for the nervous system. It helps to improve the brain energy and gives fuel to the students to study for additional hours during examinations. 

Nuts and seeds

Nuts play a vital role in enhancing the child’s nervous system and brain function. Nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, and almonds are rich sources of Thiamine that provide the required energy to the brain. 

Fish in Child’s Diet 

Consuming a good amount of fish will provide the essential omega-3 that aids in better cognitive development and higher IQ that helps to handle stress induced due to exams. 

Dark Chocolates

While discussing the important brain foods, one of them is Dark Chocolate. Chocolates are loved and favored by all children. They are high in antioxidants, which increase blood flow and alertness, improve cognitive skills, and are a great stress reliever.

Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables are rich sources of Vitamin K, A, calcium that aids in hindering mental deterioration and helps to improve cognitive function. They are rich in protein, iron, calcium, and fiber vital for the brain to function well. Though children may be quite fussy in consuming leafy vegetables, creating interesting recipes will work wonders for the mothers. 

Vitamin 12 Level Enriched Foods

Vitamin B12 is necessary to develop psycho-educational functions. It helps to increase serotonin production that helps to relieve stress. It is present in several vegetarian foods like yogurt, milk, cheese, whey powder, whereas numerous non-vegetarian foods have Vitamin B12.

Sufficient Water

Water is an elixir for life, for one and all. The same importance applies to children, especially during their exam time. Mildest dehydration may affect its nature as a natural appetite suppressant, also increases toxins in the body. It makes the child lethargic, irritable and may affect memorizing functions of the brain. Students should keep a water bottle at their desks so they can sip it at regular intervals. 

Watch out for Anaemia

Along with the consumption of the right foods, it is crucial to keep a check on Anaemia. Lower hemoglobin levels can influence a child’s IQ, capacity to retain information, and concentration, all of which can add to exam anxiety. If the child is anemic, it is advisable to consult the doctor and follow their advice to stay away from the deficiency. 

Good Night Sleep

 Consumption of brain foods and having water at regular intervals is all vital for your child during exams. But without having adequate hours of sleep, all efforts would be haywire. Sleep deprivation harms their memory neurons, which are responsible for converting short-term memories into long-term ones. Hence, sleep is equally important to distress the body and keep the mind alert. 


During the stressful examination time, having regular, healthy, and brain-rich foods will help the child to stay well-nourished.  Each child is unique and different, and who would know them better than their parents. It is great to be involved to help your child’s preparation, but you can also take assistance and advice from a child psychologist in Hyderabad at TruHap. They have the best psychologist in Hyderabad, who would guide the parents and motivate their children to face the challenges during exam times. Be positive, keep the atmosphere at home light and calm, so that your children can clear their exams with flying colors. Good luck to the child and the parent as well.

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