15 Simple Solutions for Stress Busting

24th August 2021by Truhap0

Biological stress is a recent discovery. In the 1950s, endocrinologist Hans Slye documented and identified stress and the adverse effects of stress.

We all face stress problems at some point of time in our life, and unfortunately, stress affects our entire well-being and lifestyle.

Stress can cause trouble sleeping, headaches, appetite changes, mood swings, weakens your immune system, and cause many other health problems or can also make existing problems worse.

Stress is manageable and there are the best psychologists in Hyderabad working with Truhap; they help you handle all the mental health issues and give you simple ideas to get relief from the uncontrollable stress.

Stress Busting Solutions

 Stress has not become a part of humans. Many reasons lead to high stress like job loss, serious illness, the death of a closed family member, or any unexpected and saddening life event. It is necessary to manage stress before it leads to several other health problems.

Stress is unavoidable! It is necessary to take control of stress before it leads to any serious mental and physical health problems. You can start adopting stress busters that can help you to live a healthy life. There are many stress-relieving benefits like better sleep, weight management, and better mood, getting along easily with friends and families, and more.

The different stress busters are as below:

  1. Deep Breathe
  2. Laugh Out Loud
  3. Listen to Music
  4. Cook Some Good Food
  5. Keep Yourself Busy
  6. Try Creative Arts
  7. Get A Massage or Facial
  8. Sleep Better
  9. Spend Some Time with A Pet
  10. Meditation and Exercise
  11. Try Acupuncture
  12. Be Mindful
  13. Read Scriptures/Mythology Books
  14. Spend Some Quality Time with Family
  15. Share Your Stress to Your Close Ones

1. Deep Breathe

Practicing deep breathing and counting to 10 helps a lot to relieve stress. Try practicing breathing exercises regularly. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly for 5-10 counts. Deep breathing helps to oxygenate your blood and cleanses your mind. Take out at least 15-20 minutes every day and start practicing mindful meditation.

2.Laugh Out Loud

A good laugh can be the best solution for your stressful situation. Find ways to laugh or watch a funny show or video, and have a good laugh. When you laugh, the levels of stress-causing hormones decrease and act as a great stress reliever.

3.Listen to Music

Music therapy can do wonders. When you are stressed, listen to music, any music that soothes your soul can be helpful. Turn on your favorite track, feel good, and de-stress yourself.

4.Cook Some Good Food

Eat healthily and follow proper nutrition, two things important to help you manage a balanced life. Also, even if you are not a good cook, try to cook good food, the best mood booster and therapeutic. And try avoiding emotional eating when you feel stressed.

5.Keep Yourself Busy

Keep yourself busy in some work or the other when you feel stressed. It can be anything you like, such as cooking food, cleaning your house & cupboards, or finishing all your pending work. It can help you to divert yourself from stressful thoughts. If you feel low, keep motivating yourself, and take care of yourself.

6.Try Creative Arts

Calm your mind, express yourself, and try to feel better by practicing some creative art. If you love colours and decorations, try painting or crafts, and create something innovative. Journaling, photography, ceramics, scrapbooking, and painting are good stress busters.

7.Get A Massage or Facial

Spa, massage, or facial are therapeutic ways of stress-relieving. A good massage can help relax tight muscles, lowers your stress levels, and enhance blood circulation.

8.Sleep Better

Stress and sleep issues act as best friends. Take a short nap when you are under stress. It helps to reduce cortisol levels. Improvement in sleep can be the best method for stress relief.

9.Spend Some Time with A Pet

Playing or cuddling your pet is the best stress reliever activity. As per the research, people who have dogs as their pets are happy. Play or take your dog for a walk, any time of the day. It is one of the stress-reliever activities.

10.Meditation and Exercise

Daily physical activity for 30-45 minutes can improve your sleep. Good sleep indicates better stress management. Good exercise also helps to promote a good mood. The body releases several hormones like endocannabinoids and endorphins that improve sleep, sedate you, and help block pain. Some of the hormones are also responsible for the euphoric feeling and, these feelings are experienced after long runs. Also, try to practice mindful meditation, it helps to calm your mind and body.

11.Try Acupuncture

With the help of internal mechanisms of the body, acupuncture helps to bring relief. It is the best way to combat stress and provide calm and relaxation to your body.

12.Be Mindful

If you start practicing meditative and somatic approaches, it will provide immediate stress relief. This concept of mindfulness has recently gained popularity.

Start to incorporate physical and mental exercise in your daily routine, like, yoga, tai chi, Pilates, or meditation. It can help to prevent stress and improve your mental health.

13.Read Scriptures/Mythology Books

Reading is a good stress-reliever activity. Start to read holy scriptures, these mythological books have a positive lesson to learn in the end. It promotes positive vibes and improves your mental health. When you feel low and stressed, believe in God and motivate yourself that things will be right again.

14.Spend Some Quality Time with Family

It is always a better option to be with your friends and family when you are stressed. Spending time with people you love acts as a natural stress reliever. A good friend circle promotes self-world and a sense of belonging, which is very helpful during tough times.

15.Share Your Stress to Your Close Ones

A phone call or chatting with your close friend is the best way for stress management. Just pick up your phone and talk it out with your friend, you will feel light. It is one of the best stress-busting solutions.

The Bottom Line

If you are feeling overwhelmed or low by stress, the best way is to talk to a psychologist. You can contact TruHap, one of the best psychologists in Hyderabad. They have expert psychologists who deal with stress management, depression, relationship issues, autism, or any other mental health issue. TruHap treats the mental health issues of the child and is the best child psychologist in Hyderabad.

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