Your Child Needs Therapy: Part 1

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Child therapy is not easy, especially for parents. Therapy can change lives for everyone, be it an adult or a child. There are still a lot of stigmas attached to mental health. Parents don’t wish for their children to go through therapy.

Kids struggle with traumatic issues, face difficulties in processing their own emotions, or communicate their problems to their parents or other adults. Qualified child therapists can help to understand the psychological needs of a child.

Parents must understand the importance of child therapy. Parents & guardians need professional advice relating to tender-hearted subjects or to know what is going on in their lives and mind. Parents should consider child therapy for topics like trauma, abuse, and neglect. Child therapy also helps to focus on positive growth, boost self-esteem and self-confidence levels, and other positive traits in children.

Truhap is a child psychologist organization in Hyderabad. They will help you give a much clearer understanding of the importance of a child’s thoughts, how they feel and think.

 What is Child Therapy? 

Child therapy or child counselling is a branch of therapy focusing on the psychological needs of children, designed to help teens and children with their challenges. These challenges are traumatic issues, feelings to express, mental health issues, and uncontrolled behaviors.

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Symptoms that show your children needs child therapy

A child’s mental health is very crucial. Your child might be facing school stress, grief, or getting bullied by friends. And, generally, in such situations, they try to keep things to themselves due to fear & embarrassment. Recognition of these behaviors at an earlier stage is crucial else it will lead to loneliness, worrying, anxiety, or crying. Read on the below mental illness symptoms in children that could benefit the child and parent.

  1. Sudden Changes in Behaviour
  2. Regressions
  3. Disturbed Sleep
  4. Extreme feeling of Sadness
  5. Avoid Social Gathering
  6. Suicidal Thoughts

Let’s have a detailed study on the symptoms:

1.Sudden Changes in Behavior

 One of the common symptoms is changes in the children’s behavior at home, at school, and with friends. You may notice drastic mood changes in your child, may complain, argue more, and become defensive over petty issuesPay close attention to these mood changes in your child, especially if this behavior happens more frequently. Directly or indirectly it means your child is seeking help.

Monitor your child’s behavior regularly, be in touch with their friends, other parents, & teachers, interact with your child frequently, let your child know you are concerned and always there no matter what.


Child regression is observed, especially if parents are getting divorced, when the family welcomes a new sibling, moving to a new town, bullying at school, or experiencing a major traumatic event. But many times, a regression can happen without any valid reason. In such cases, it is better to have closer attention to this issue. Listed below are the regression testing that indicates that your child needs counselling:

    • Anxiety and fear
    • Bedwetting
    • High temperament issues
    • Language regression
    • Clinginess

3.Disturbed sleep

If you have noticed sleeping disorders in your child, do not ignore them. It can be a symptom showing why your child needs therapy. If your child sleeps too much, does not sleep at all, or experiences a disturbed sleep pattern, observe it and manage to book an appointment with an experienced child therapist.

4.Extreme feeling of sadness

One of the direct symptoms is when you notice a feeling of sadness in your child for a while. These symptoms also hinder your child’s day-to-day tasks and thoughts. Getting worried or sad is normal, but when you start experiencing depression symptoms in your child like irritable behavior, getting scared/anxious, or crying a lot, it is an alarming issue. It indicates that your child needs the help of a therapist.

5.Avoid Social Gathering

If you notice depression symptoms in your child, it is a sign to understand and learn what your child is going through. A child might be anxious, sad, and try to withdraw from social gatherings. Social withdrawal in childhood if not treated at the right time, can lead to many other mental health issues. A sad or anxious child often withdraws from social gatherings. Below are few examples showing what socially isolated children tend to do when they are upset:

    • Have their meals alone
    • Avoiding playing with their friends and other social activities
    • Is not interested in leaving the house for any reason

6.Suicidal Thoughts

Lastly, and most crucial, is if your child often talks about self-harm, murder, or suicide. Keep a check on your child’s activity, tone of your child, how often mentions the same. If you feel your child has suicidal thoughts, you must take the consultation of a therapist.  Suicidal thoughts in children are common when they are depressed, feeling lonely, or have faced any traumatic event in their life. Children with suicidal ideation often watch such videos or end up searching about the same on the internet. Children and suicide going together continue to be an alarming issue. As per the research conducted, one of the leading causes of death for young adults & children is suicide. And children who attempt suicide have an issue of mental health disorders.

Types of Childhood Therapy

 Parents tend to ask the child psychologist questions about types of therapy for child trauma for their children. One of the questions is what type of child therapy the child needs?

It is a good question. And, the selection of therapy depends on the unique needs of your child. Every child responds to therapy in a manner.

Your therapist can let you know what kind of therapy your child needs. Let’s learn about different types of child therapies and take your child on the right path with a positive approach.

  1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  2. Play therapy for Child
  3. Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  4. Behavior therapy


1.Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on improving the behavior, moods, and anxiety issues of your child. CBT therapy means focusing on how thoughts affect a person’s behavior and feelings. CBT therapists consult kids to focus on their thoughts, showing them the difference between good thoughts and harmful thoughts. Kids can learn to replace negative thoughts with positive and helpful thoughts. There are many benefits of CBT, it helps in extreme mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, cope up with traumatic experiences, and be more positive towards life.

2.Play therapy for child

Play therapy is a therapy used for children involving games, dolls, toys, puppets, and drawing. With the help of this therapy the child identifies, verbalizes, and recognizes feelings. A parent might think what does a play therapist do? The therapist observes how your child plays, how a child uses materials and identifies the problems. The benefits of play therapy like helps to learn new adopting mechanisms, how to improve inappropriate behaviors, deal with traumatic experiences, and manage their emotions.

Truhap is one of the best firms offering play therapy in Hyderabad for school psychologists, counsellors, and mental health professionals.

3.Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a therapy focusing on issues affecting a child’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. With the help of psychodynamics, the therapists can identify behavioral patterns of the child, responses to inner emotions and struggles, and defenses. Psychoanalysis is an extensive form of psychodynamic counselling and can also conduct regularly. Psychodynamic counselling will help your child fight inner struggles between mind and emotions, helps to maintain personal relations, and fight depression.

4.Behavior therapy

Behavioral therapy is a practice to reduce the irritable behavior of children and take them towards a positive approach. Behavioral therapy techniques in combination with ADHD are very effective for children. This therapy can be easily applied at home while playing, and also in school. If other people’s behavior or your child’s behavior hurts your child, you can also practice cognitive behavioral therapy.

Child Psychologists help your children with

Child Psychologists is an extensive study of observing & learning the conscious and subconscious mind of a child. To understand a child’s mental health, a child therapist observes the behavior with their family, themselves, and others.

Our team consists of the best child psychologists in Hyderabad, helps to evaluate the mental health of your child, and figures out which therapy will best work for them.

  1. ADHD
  2. Depression & Stress
  3. OCD or Anxiety
  4. Better Sleep
  5. Trauma-related Disorders



ADHD means attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD therapy means learning things by doing such as talking, drawing, and playing. For teenagers, therapists share ideas to develop their skills like studying habits, problem-solving, and practicing new skills. The ADHD symptoms in kids and adolescents are noticeable before six years of age. These are inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, careless mistakes, constant fidgeting, talking excessively, and losing things. Treatment for ADHD therapy includes talk therapy, behavioral therapy, medication, and psychotherapy.

2.Depression & Stress

A child psychologist can help a child to deal with depression & stress. Depression in a child is judged by mood fluctuations. It is a type of mood disorder. The signs of depression in children are negative thinking, mood swings, complaining nature, social withdrawal, or give up easily. It is important to book therapy and help your child deal with depression. Indulge practices like your child gets enough sleep, eats healthy food, enjoys family time, and be patient & kind to your child.

3.OCD or Anxiety

OCD means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and when a child gets obsessions, getting more anxious with unwanted feelings and thoughts. The child realizes the thoughts are not relevant, but these thoughts make them feel quite anxious. This OCD or anxiety leads to compulsions or rituals and makes them do things like washing, cleaning, rewriting/redoing things, repeating a phrase/word/question, maintaining things in a specific order, avoiding unlucky numbers or days. There are no lab tests or so to test OCD for children, the therapist asks questions to the child and parents & gets the idea of OCD.

OCD treatment generally involves therapy like CBT therapy, talking therapy, coaching to their parents, and medication.

4.Better Sleep

A child therapist can help if your child’s sleeping pattern is disturbed due to reasons like anxiety, depression, or any traumatic reason. A therapists’ analysis this issue and provides your child with the best treatment. It helps to promote a good sleep schedule for your child.

A parent needs to understand how much sleep a child at a particular age needs. Following a better sleep pattern is crucial to a child’s health, development, and mental health.

5.Trauma-related Disorders

Trauma & Stress-related disorders in children are a group of behavioral and emotional issues a child might face due to stressful and traumatic experiences. These traumatic-related disorders can include parents getting divorced, child abuse, family conflict, physical or emotional pain, or neglect. If a child observes any ill-treatment with their parents or feels ignored after the birth of a new-born, it might cause difficulties for kids.

Truhap is one of the best child psychologists in Hyderabad and has an experienced team of child and adolescent therapists who help to diagnose and treat problems relating to depression, sleep disorder, traumatic disorders, and so on in your child.

The team works with dedication with your child and parent and delivers a successful outcome.

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