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Antisocial behavior are rebellious acts that are distinguished by noticeable and unnoticeable
hostility and aggression for others. This behavior can be noticeable like hitting, bullying,
abusing or unnoticeable behavior like cheating, overlooking others etc. It also includes
substance abuse, elevated risk taking behavior. If such behaviors are left unchecked they can
transform into a fully grown personality disorder.
A personality disorder as defined by DSM-5 is “An enduring pattern of inner experience and
behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations from the individual culture, is
pervasive and inflexible, has an onset in adolescence or early adulthood, is stable over time,
and leads to distress or impairment.”

Antisocial personality disorder can be described as-:
● Having lack of moral and ethical development
● Failure to follow approved models of behavior
● Cheating and manipulating others
● Not following the social norms
● Being impulsive, short-tempered and irresponsible
● Not feeling guilty

This is sometimes also called sociopathy and can be diagnosed only after the age of 18,
however children who show signs of conduct disorder do have a chance of developing this.
It is also observed that people with this order cannot maintain lasting intimate relationships as
they are unconcerned about others feelings and care only about themselves. The prevalence
of antisocial personality disorder is more in males than in females, and it is higher in people
affected by adverse socio-economic status.
There can be many causes of antisocial personality disorder, few of them are genetics, low
socioeconomic status, conflicts and neglect in family, harsh discipline etc. the disorder cannot
be treated completely however the behaviours can be controlled to a certain extent by using
various psychotherapies and medications.
Although it is difficult to get these people for treatment as they feel nothing is wrong with
them. Therefore when a repeated pattern of such behavior is noticed by others over a
prolonged period of time, it is best to visit and take help from a professional.

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