Women, Periods, Hormones and Motherhood (A Letter Message)

18th August 2020by Vinaya Saunders0

My Dear Uterus,

I love you. I love you beyond any words. I love it when you come smiling in red color every month. It makes me happy to see that my body is giving me feedback, for all the internal process that is not in my control. It is such a happy time for me to sleep a little longer and rest. You provide me time to introspect my views and plan a month ahead.

I adore you when I see my kids playing, smiling, giggling with health and vitality. I thank you for gifting me with such beautiful moments that makes my existence meaningful. Without you, I as a woman, cannot call myself as a woman. I deserve you and all the cramps that make me feel brand new every month. Discomforts that I experience are due to my negligence in diet so please excuse me for indulging in unhealthy diet sometimes.

Today I am devastated and frustrated, that humanity has lost its mind. Women have moved away from recognizing you. Please forgive them! I don’t know who decided to give uterus to women, but sadly you are disrespected and denied of designated recognition, and the importance that you should deserve.

Many girls these days hate you for bleeding every month and choose to stop you from doing your natural functions. Please forgive them, as to they are not aware that you help them throw away all the emotional and mental stress that they create. Ancient texts say women are rescued from being diabetic only due to periods which may or may not be true. No one cares if you do so.

For me you bring rejuvenation physically mentally and balance my hormones naturally. You make being a women such a divine experience.

Many girls want to curb you from your natural functions and expect to look beautiful. They are not aware that if they took care of you, you would make them feel beautiful and in return give them natural glowing skin. But they give in to easier choice of creams to apply and suffocate their livers.

Many women hate you; they eat only unhealthy and inappropriate food for their meals and expect you to serve them with regular menstruation. They pop pills which have chemicals but in return expect you to get all straight and ready to conceive just because they decided to have a baby. Many women do harm to you and expect to have a healthy baby in return. They neglect all the signs you show; asking for help but in return expect you to fix yourself. Unfortunately you can cry all you want they cannot see you.

Above all, please forgive those people who have a certificate to follow a protocol. Who without thinking, write chemicals that can harm your existence. In the name of prescription they slow poison you. People who do not think twice to rip you apart leaving a vulnerable, fragile woman in pain to handle a scar for life. People who miss use their profession in the name of emergency when they could be patient and trust you. Who claim to know it all and separate a mother from a new born who was safe inside you. I am sorry! People are numb to bonding.

I am so glad that our creator has also created karmic laws. Excuses in the name of duty will no longer protect them.

Some of them get paid by companies to put contraptions into women which makes you weak and disrupt all that you do for their existence. They chose it anyway no one wants to hear you crying.

And all those women who opt and sign to rip you without any abnormal reasons, please forgive them; they are taking an easy route of C-section just because they don’t want to share your pain. Humanity is selfish, but nevertheless, please forgive all of them. Their expectation is that a baby should look good, be smart, be healthy and succeed in life, whereas they don’t think or care about investing in your health.

I bow down to you and your power; you are an amazing organ just in a shape of pear who grows 25 times more than normal to accommodate a tiny being inside you.  You allow a fetus to grow and mature as a baby, nourishing it with every cell in a woman’s body. You keep the baby safe and create its tiny toes.You are a miracle machine that humans take for granted.

Some are unaware You cause all the stimulation for sexual pleasure that people want to enjoy, they misuse you anyway.

Your hormones give plenty of nutritious milk so babies can thrive of it for as long as they can stand on their feet. Many women don’t like your exceptional supply of well nourishing food, they like human made powders to feed their baby. Again, please forgive me.

Their carelessness, unhealthy habits and faulty eating makes menopause hard for them, but now they have figured out how to chop you off. They don’t hesitate a bit; entire villages of women are left without you. The word democracy represents selfishness and hypocrisy.

Humans are at a state where they expect all good in return but make unethical inappropriate choices. I am sorry on behalf of all the women on this planet, who don’t worship your sacredness and give into fear. I am terribly sorry the doltish women who are represented now days, instead of being recognized by intuitive power we had when we cherished you.

Ancient cultures took pride in you, respected you, sadly now it is lost. I am sorry for you that some women are working against you, and don’t realize the harm that they are leaving behind for future generations. I am sorry on behalf of all the women on this planet. Who don’t worship your sacredness and give into fear. We deserve to be recognized for our dumbness; Instead of being recognized by intuitive power we once took pride in.

Some women suffer silently, but expect you to be always nice to them. They come to their knees when they realize you are their essence, you are what makes them who they are. I hope, some day women respect you and let go of fear. I hope they realize that you are the most important organ which makes women, women!

Vinaya Saunders

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