Needs Theory: What do we need?

18th August 2020by Partha Saradhi0

neEvery day, we all keep doing a lot of things. We need and spend a lot of energy doing them. Did you ever wonder why in the first place do we have to do anything? cant we simply eat, sleep and die?

Oops! Even they are some things to do!

Did you ever wonder why do we have to do anything?

If we give a simple thought at it, we might understand that we are doing different things expecting something after doing them. Behind every simple action that we commit, there is a very well framed reason with a strong need. We might not know this at once, but as we deconstruct our thought process, we can get to a mindblowing structure of “how things are making people do them”! So without wondering about all this nonsensical stuff, let’s dig into the main needs that are reasons for all the other needs.

What are Needs?

Needs are the requirements that are required to satisfy other requirements. They are essential for the survival rather than just a want of luxury over and above life.

Some needs can be requirements in themselves, which can be considered as primal needs. But as we relate and condense the needs tree, we get to one single need that is “Survival” that drives all other needs.

Survival, here, does not mean our physical survival. We are dealing with a much bigger survival, which is the survival of our mind. Unlike other living beings, the Human Brain is gifted with an intelligence which is Mind. In order to meet his survival, a human is not only needed to fulfill his physical needs but also bypass his mental requirements.

“Can you stay without talking to anyone for more than 2 days?”
“Can you stay happy when you see someone is dying?”

Some people do! Yeah, because, thats their way of surviving their mind. So, as we understand that there are many ways that our mind will survive, let’s dig into what are different needs.

How many are these major needs?

As per spiritual and ancient psychology, human needs are categorized into mainly 6 types. But modern psychologists have bungled them under various different types and named them differently for the purpose of occasion.

For example, Abraham Maslow had drafted hierarchy of needs, which explains how a human being’s needs develop based on his growth in life with respect to success. In the same way, many scholars defined their perspective of needs, with respect to some factor or the other. But if we get to the raw part of the story, irrespective of any circumstances or the environment, the Human mind’s needs can be satisfied into 6 types.

There are 6 Human Needs:

  • Love & Care
  • Variety
  • Certainty
  • Growth
  • Contribution
  • Recognition

Love & Care

Every Human being wants to be loved and cared as much as possible. People tend to show love and care towards others expecting a return of the same or any of the other needs.

Ex: We “Care” for Poor, in order to get our need to “Contribute” satisfied.


The mind cannot bear repetition/routine. We want change in everything. We need a new variety of anything that we have today. This tendency is leading the fashion and design world where they tend to change fashion wear to satisfy this human need.

We tend to buy something new under frequent time intervals and feel desperate when we cannot buy anything new.


Even though we need change, the human mind is fearful of the unexpectedness in the changes. So it even expects change to be consistent. as people cannot accept unexpected things, they want certainty. This is why people want a change in their job, but only to a certain level.

Most people keep measuring and calculating things with a need to predict the future for certainty.


This is one of the Core need of the human mind. Every mind needs growth to be healthy. Growth here can be in any way. It can be learning, achieving, winning, earning etc. The process of accomplishing things by experiencing them is considered as growth.

People cannot do the same job for too long. they need new challenges. If we get stuck in some area of life, we are nothing less than depressed!


Irrespective of whether we are rich or poor, every human needs to contribute something to the whole. He needs to be needed by someone. so the poor contribute in the name of kindness and the rich contribute in the name of pity. This need is to make us feel fulfilled. If he cannot contribute, he feels wasted!

By giving something to others, we feel happy that we have something to give.


Being a part of this whole automatically raises the urge to be recognized by the whole. Hence, we all need to be needed. We want others to recognize us, for what we wear, for what we do and what not!

Most often, people recognise others in order to get recognised!

Few Examples are Here:

We share our Love/Care with others in expectation of :
Growth (Care about someone for his wealth);
Variety (Care for people & make them friends to add new people in life);
Certainty (Marriage to get a certain partner for a lifetime);
Growth (Care about your Boss to get a promotion);
Contribution (We Love/care others for the need to contribute);
Recognition (We Care about others to be recognized for caring so);
Love/Care (We Love others to be loved back).

This way, There can be many combinations to form a need before its converted into an action.

These are the Greatest needs of the Human Mind. If I had to say, these are the reasons behind every micro and macro Human interaction on this planet. But the thread can be varying, based on various permutations and combination of the above 6 needs. Our life is all like Music! Here are 6 notes and we can make whatever tune we want.

Partha Saradhi

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