Tips To Break Bad Habits

17th August 2020by Truhap0
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Replacing your bad habits with good and healthy ones can seem quite difficult. But nothing is impossible if you have the will to take charge of your life. Break bad habits with these easy tips and acquire good habits that can give you a better quality of life.

Keep at it for 60 to 90 days

The key to forming a new habit is to keep trying relentlessly. A new habit is not an easy one to form. You might have to change your routine and schedule to incorporate the new change. It usually takes longer to break a very old bad habit. Try to stick to your new decision for about 60 to 90 days and you will realise that the new habit  has become ingrained in you.

Make use of additional motivations

Your real motivation behind changing a bad habit might be very plain or boring. So to make it interesting choose additional motivations. You might want to make a new habit of exercising regularly in order to get a muscular body. Select an additional motivation of asking out your favourite girl after achieving your goal. This will help you to fight off temptations in a better way.

Cut big goals into smaller ones

Big goals may frighten and even hinder you from embarking on the journey of change. So break your long term big goals into smaller manageable ones. If your goal is to cut down the number of cigarettes from 20 to 2 a day, start with 15 in the beginning. This will help you to notice the improvements and keep you better motivated.

Get support

It is tough to form a new habit without support. Tell someone you trust about your plan. It could be your partner or a friend. This person can then support and encourage you when you are feeling low or demotivated. Better still, invite the other person also to form the new habit and you can help out and encourage each other.

Don’t be too strict on yourself

If you are working hard to achieve your goal it is acceptable to cheat once in a while. Don’t beat yourself if you succumb to temptation sometimes. But remember that cheating is not allowed often as this can put a stop to your journey of forming a new habit.

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