Tips To Be An Awesome Mother

17th August 2020by Vinaya Saunders0

Wake up early

Just half an hour of experiencing the silence of the early morning can increase your energy levels. It is essential to have some ‘me’ time every day. Playing the role of a mother should not be your entire universe. Find your inner self for deeper satisfaction in life.

Stop comparing

Comparison only decreases your happiness and takes you on a guilt trip. Comparison can have no end – what with comparing looks, houses, cooking, kids, etc. Accept and enjoy the uniqueness of yourself and your kids. In other words, just be YOU.

Live in the moment

There is a saying that time flies. Soon this phase of your life will be over and someday you might miss your ‘now’. So enjoy each day with your baby as each kid is another chance for you to enjoy your childhood all over again. Enjoy everything your kids are doing or ask you to do. Celebrate the now!

Eat healthy

I sometimes find myself skipping my meal to cook and feed the kids. Eating healthy is not just for kids, but for you as well. Make sure to keep a routine. No one can take care of you as you can- so the next time you leave your house, make sure to carry your water bottle or a snack. Eat, stay and feel healthy.

Pamper yourself

Always be your best friend. Buy flowers for yourself on your grocery trip. Find time to sit by a table, enjoy a cookie, look at birds and observe others. Just get an escape whenever you can. Trust me you have time!

Set your priorities

I would like my house to look neat and tidy, but with three kids there is a lot to do. Piles of undone laundry, toys strewn on the floor or an unmade bed should not drain your energy as it does not portray who you really are. Consider it all as part of having a family to enjoy.

There is always a tomorrow

That super mom image is hard to match. You may want to do certain things on time and try your best to do them, but some days are not meant to be perfect. Your toddler might decide that your busiest time is his time to go potty. Let go of the super mom image and accept who you truly are.

Staying fit

I see my clients and friends in health clubs burning calories in every class. They love the workout, but still look the same for years. Spending your energy in doing a wrong workout will not give you good results. Stress and emotional health play an equally important role in staying fit and healthy. It is therefore essential to maintain a healthy mind and diet by keeping stress at bay.


You may have enough clothes, but still want to buy that new dress on the sale rack. I sometimes find myself indulging in wants more than needs. I learned during my meditation practice that finding new things to be thankful everyday helps in putting back the focus on what I need instead of what I want, thereby leaving a state of abundance all around.

Find a hobby

Open windows to your creativity. The present generation has less work to do and lives in greater luxury than the earlier ones. But still we are unsatisfied. Watching television or movies are not real hobbies. Find a real and enjoyable hobby for yourself. Indulging in a hobby is a great way to appreciate your creativity.

Mothers are a reflection of God! No matter what walks of life we take- we are walking miracles.

Vinaya Saunders

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