Time To Make Your Mind To Take Care Of You (Too):

17th August 2020by Truhap0

Time to make your mind to take care of You (too):

As moms we forget to focus on self health because we don’t take sick days. Our priority is always the family-husband, kids, in-laws etc.  We talk a lot about self care but when it comes to implementation nothing will be done.

There is an emergency to resolve to take care of ourselves because we as women play multiple roles as moms, spouses, daughters, daughters-in law, friends and employees. And too often our health falls to the bottom of the list.  Many moms compromised on their health for many years. They always made sure that everyone around them were happy and comfortable at the cost of neglecting their own health. So, with the increasing number of cases of malignance, cardiac problems and type (2) diabetes prevalent around, we need to stop ignoring ourselves. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Here’s an analogy.  It really implies to all moms. Usually before the start of every flight, instructions are given to all the passengers. The one which is very important to note is –In case of an emergency, you need to put to your own oxygen mask first before helping others. This is, of course, a very good instruction for all the women.  Unless we ourselves are healthy, we won’t be in a position to make others happy or healthy. It’s important to keep this metaphor in mind when things get hectic and find time to take good sleep and a little rest. BEING HEALTHY KEEPS YOU HAPPY AND HELPS MAKE OTHERS HAPPY.

Most of us are very good at taking resolutions but don’t stick to them. But as it is said ‘Try and try again’, why don’t we give an attempt to resolve to make our health a priority—and urge all of our friends to do the same. Here are some goals which we can achieve easily by proper planning. Would you also like to try? Then do these things.

Allot some quality time for self:

We always run from one appointment to the next, focusing on everything but ourselves. This year, plan a schedule which includes ‘ Me ‘in it. It can help you take a breather and help your brain renew and do healthy things like walk, read and so on. I also intend to prioritize sleep and all necessary doctors’ appointments. LOVE YOURSELVES TO BE LOVED.

Determine to take heed of our physical health:

Because of the travel time or long hours of work, we prefer to have meals at restaurants or take parcels at fast pick-up. So this year resolve to do your best to choose the healthiest meal options by giving importance to the home food. Try to get in as many exercise breaks as possible. Try to be well and active not only for yourselves but also for the family you love. ALL IS WELL WHEN YOU ARE WELL.

Spend quality time with the family:

We should realize that it is very important to take care of the family members especially when they are sick. If it is our elders we should pay more attention to the issue. Resolve to spend quality time with them that can express your love and caring. It helps a lot if you have flexible time options or work from home provision. SERVING OTHERS GIVES SATISFACTION.

So dear women, go ahead, try and work to be a happy as well as a healthy person. Happiness and good health are within your reach. Achieve them. It is not impossible.

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