The Secret To Happiness

17th August 2020by Truhap0

When our parents become our friends and guides, it becomes easier for us to imbibe their best qualities. One thing common to all our parents is their detachment from material goods and love for everything simple. They often tell us that happiness lies in small things. Instead of chasing things we can’t have, we would be instructed to be grateful for what we are blessed with.

This philosophy is straightforward but when it comes to practicing, it suddenly seems the hardest. Today, when Facebook and Twitter are the windows to everybody else’s life, we find ourselves yearning for things we don’t have.

Regardless, you can practice gratitude everyday and learn to love life by following some simple steps.

1. Meditation

From health experts to researchers, everybody has vouched for meditation to change the chemical composition of your brain. Setting out five minutes everyday to just focus on the present and thank the universe for everything is proven to help you maintain your happiness quotient, reduce your stress levels, and make you more resilient towards life’s hardships.

2. Journal your happy thoughts

This is pretty similar to writing in your dear diary, only that you write about happy things. You fill this journal with things that you are grateful for. This way, you only focus on the positive and rewire your brain into believing that you are happy, no matter what.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

This really is a no-brainer. When we are around people who exude happiness and joy, it rubs off onto us too. An individual is known by the company he/she keeps. So, keep your distance from the negative influencers.

4. Don’t let negativity win

We all have our insecurities- about our abilities, our appearance, our friends even. However, the trick to being happy, is not let them get the better of you. If you find yourself rapidly slipping down a black hole of negative thoughts, quickly counter those thoughts with happier ones. Talk to yourself and remind yourself that you’re an amazing person!

5. When in pain, help others

Isn’t it common for us to call a friend and talk about our pain when we’re down in the dumps? What we don’t realize is how lost we get in our own thoughts that we stop looking around us. The next time you’re upset, try helping someone who’s in a far worse state. Volunteer at an old age home, or clean puppies on a weekend. You’ll feel much better and also spread some cheer.

Life is never predictable. Nobody is exempt from bad phases. But how we get through them and pick ourselves up determines our happiness levels!

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