The decision against having sex

17th August 2020by Truhap0

The only sureshot way of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence. If your partner and you are willing to wait a while before you get sexually involved with each other, it can also help in getting to know each other better. Whatever be the reason, if you choose not to have sex, then that must be respected.

The pressure and hype around sex

In modern times, we are surrounded by sexual imagery and these can sometimes be very appealing and put surprisingly intense pressure on us to become sexually active, whether we like it or not. Sometimes, pressure can be exerted by your partner who is very keen on having sex. However, do not let anybody push you into doing the deed. Remember, your choice to not have sex at any point must be respected. And if you’re in a relationship which dictates otherwise, then you really need to assess whether you want to continue being in it.

On the flipside, remember that just because you’re ready to do something, you cannot force the other person into wanting to do it too. If your partner needs more time to have sex, then give him that time. There is a great deal of hype around sex and losing one’s virginity. It really isn’t that big a deal and neither is it a sin. It is one’s personal choice and it must be left at that.

The benefits of no sex

If you’re single and not into hooking up for sex, then you’re going to have a lot of time to spend by yourself. You can use this time wisely- read books that could be about sex or just spend time with friends. It is your choice. If you’re saving yourself for someone special then understanding your body and sexual needs can help make the sex a lot more enjoyable. These days, a lot of information is openly available about the ‘art of sex’ and how you can make it memorable and special. Even if you’re in a relationship, old or new, if you haven’t had sex yet, you can always focus on other things. After all, the emotional intimacy between two people can also make their bond stronger. Besides, you can try other things like kissing, cuddling. There is more to life than just sex and if you’re in a relationship, there are so many other facets that you can grow stronger in before you take the plunge.

Couples who want to have sex but are unable to

This can be extremely frustrating. If you have the desire to have sex but are unable to due to time constraints, or long distance, things can get very frustrating. Once you have sex regularly, it becomes an important and integral part of your life and for many couples, acts as a beautiful form of communication. If you’re unable to have sex, be sure to communicate about this with your partner. You can try allotting some time for it. It may seem mechanised but it can help in the interim.

Sexual problems

When you’re unable to perform sexually, you’re said to have a ‘sexual dysfunction’. This can be caused by various factors. Stress can be a major factor, coupled with lack of sexual desire. Sometimes, couples stop having sex because of this too.

At the end of the day, it must be kept in mind that this decision rests entirely with your partner and he/she cannot be pressured into doing it for your sake.

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