The Comfort of Sleep Routines

17th August 2020by Truhap0
vladislav muslakov

I grew up in a chaotic household. I felt so lost most of the time. I remember thinking “Why can’t anything in my life be a constant? Why is everything always changing?” And I was so young, it all felt messed up in my head. We as humans crave schedule and organization. Our body has an internal clock of its own, circadian rhythm. From our heartbeat to our sleep/wake cycle everything is governed by this clock.
This clock needs setting, it should be fixed in a way that every day we should get sleepy at the same time. We should wake up at the same time. This can be established with a proper routine, set earlier the better. So beginning in childhood. Nowadays parents are so busy that they do not have enough time for their hyperactive, neglected and naughty child. Remember the more trouble a child is the more he/she needs a routine. It is proven that the systematization of life decreases symptoms of a disorder.

Sleep hygiene is an umbrella term used to define the habits and rituals used to prep ourselves for sleep. Winding down and following a pattern of actions every day helps our body understand that its time to sleep. Especially children need this security in their life. Parents who work late struggle the most with putting their kids to sleep on a regular time, they have two options, they can either adjust work timings(so that at least one parent can supervise sleep) or allot someone every day with the task of putting the kids to sleep.

Now this routine after established should not be tweaked with. The more disturbance in the schedule the more disruption in a child’s behavior will occur.

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