The Biggest Barriers For Education.

17th August 2020by Truhap0
Children Studying

Developmental disorders are the biggest barriers to education. Previously unknown and now escalating faster than ever. Let’s start with them.
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this disorder destroys the child’s capacity to concentrate and makes him/her behave restlessly.
Dyslexia, we all know the famous movie and its character Ishan Awasthi who suffers from a learning disability. Where the words on a paper dance and letters seem upside down. Dysgraphia where a child has trouble writing. Dyscalculia where it is hard to do the math.
Autism Spectrum comprises levels of severity where a child is unable to relate to the world. Exhibits repetitive behaviors and has difficulty communicating with everyone.
We know now that developmental disorders are genetic or neurological in nature and there may be nothing we can do to prevent them. You are not at fault. But we also know, now, that how we and the child reacts and deals with its manifestation depends drastically on the upbringing of the child. You are responsible.
In one particularly memorable American research project, two groups of identical, genetically-vulnerable monkeys were brought up in different circumstances and then given access to alcohol. The monkey’s who had had a tough childhood consoled themselves with excess drinking while those who had been carefully cared for and mothered actually drank less than the average monkey.
Childhood today is much tougher than it was before. Remember big, open houses? Joint families? Less stress on schoolwork? More gardens, more trees? We know how different it is today.

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