Sleep Well !

16th August 2020by Priyanka Naveen0

Sleep….Sleep well, Sleep tight…

We say this to our kids while putting them to bed. But why?

Sleep is the most important part of our routine. It rejuvenates, heals, helps form memories and prepares our mind to enable learning and focus.

Now what happens if the child doesn’t get enough amount of sleep?

The child can be irritable, throws tantrums and can also show angriness. Now, how does a parent react to this kind of behavior can worsen the situation a lot.If a child can get enough amount of sleep, most of the morning tantrums for brushing, bath, breakfast and getting ready to school will be reduced. It’s very important that a child wakes up early in the morning and gets enough time to do things all by themselves without someone hurrying them up.

If the most important thing is waking up in the morning than equally important is to go to bed early at night.

Parents need to remember that it takes at least 30mins for a child to doze off after lying down on bed. So an extra 30mins of time needs to be considered.

Below is the chart of number of sleep hours required for a child as per age:

New born 0 – 3 months 14-17 hrs
Infants 4 – 11 months 12 – 15 hrs
Toddlers 1 – 2 yrs 11 – 14 hrs
Preschoolers 3 -5 yrs 10 – 13 hrs
School – age Children 6 – 13 yrs 9 – 11 hrs
Teenagers 14 – 17 yrs 8 – 10 hrs

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