Routine, why is it so important?

16th August 2020by Priyanka Naveen0

Often parents complain that their kids never say that they are hungry. Either the child eats very less or it’s a tough chore of the day for parents.

Does the child really doesn’t feel hungry? Why?

Now, as parents it’s important to understand that our body will indicate the necessity of basic needs like food and sleep as per the biological clock that we have set for ourselves.

For example, if a kid has been put to bed daily at 8PM, the kid gets into routine and the biological clock has been set for sleep. Even if you don’t put the child at that time, the child will tend to doze off due to the biological clock.

Same thing needs to be adapted with eating habits. If the child wakes up between 6.30 am  –  7 am, the child will feel hungry at around 8am.

If this is made as a habit, morning breakfast will never be a chore. Similarly with other meals of the day.

Make it a habit to give them food daily at the same time, and make sure you are helping your kid develop there biological clocks appropriately.

Many of us often confuse the child by not following the routine, no wonder why feeding becomes a difficult task.

Priyanka Naveen

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