16th August 2020by Truhap0
How to bounce back from failures and setbacks

Resilience is the ability to bounce back fast from feeling like shit due to so-and-so situation. It doesn’t mean avoiding a situation or avoiding feelings. It means getting better at handling situations. Not getting overwhelmed easily and being in control of your emotions. In one line its the ability to cope with mental stress and challenges. These lessons need to be learned from an early on age. Children should never have suicide or self harm as an option even after they grow up and to ensure this: Resilience needs to be taught to them.

To teach resilience we first need to understand it. Resilience has 4 pillars:

Mental : This includes self-awareness, be it of feelings-emotions, or just the awareness of being a moment. Mindfulness. Adaptability. Optimism

Physical: Endurance. Nourishment. Self-care.

Social: Positive relationships. Family. Connection. Support system.

Spiritual: Finding purpose in life. Calm and peace. Perspective. Strength in belief and core values.

Resilience is a skill and needs to be practiced everyday. It is not build in one day. And requires a lot of time and patience. Always remember that you are a role model to your child, start the work on yourself first and the child will follow.

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