Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder

16th August 2020by Truhap0
menstruation dysphoria

A special disorder handpicked for the ladies. It is similar to PMS just 10 times worst 🙂
If you tend to have severe PMS symptoms that interrupt your daily life. Congratulations, you may have PMDD.
Let’s start with my favourite symptom that is easily visible to not just us but everyone around us. Premenstrual acne. Yes. The most common symptom of PMSing. Then going further below, the Tender Blossoms. And I don’t mean feel so good breast. I mean it hurts to be touched or even climbing up the stairs. Bloating. Cause we aren’t already insecure about our weights.

Gastrointestinal issues, including constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting. I mean seriously? As if other things weren’t enough. I feel like women are being punished for not getting pregnant. Dizziness, Headache, Heart palpitations... all due to hormones. Craving foods and appetite change. Want to eat like a pig and look like a model. Welcome to the club. Or do you have no appetite? Dying of Cramps and Backpain?

Now getting to the mental/emotional ones, Sadness, and Crying Spells. I mean life is shit so let’s cry for no reason at all, right? Next common symptom: Psychotic Rage (Okay, I am exaggerating I mean your average, I hate everyone and everything- Anger, Irritability, Paranoia).
You may have a sudden urge to break up with your special partner, don’t worry its common. Loss of interest in activities and relationships.
All jokes aside, PMDD is a serious disorder that can disrupt your life drastically.
For some people making a few adjustments to daily habits can do wonders to PMDD symptoms:
Exercise: Even a 30min walk can help.
Cognitive-behavioural therapy
Herbal remedies

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