Parents and their Attitude towards kids

15th August 2020by Priyanka Naveen0

As Parents we expect our kids to behave or develop right attitude.

Isn’t it necessary, that as a parent we also build an appropriate attitude towards our kids?

Our attitude towards kids is one of the major things that influence the emotional and mental development of the kids.

Here are some basic things that you need to develop as a parent:

  1. Don’t spoil your kids with your Love: Kids need to be loved as well as disciplined. They need to learn to take rejections and need to learn that they can’t or won’t get everything they demand for. Parents who believe Love alone is enough, often end up seeing their kids grow into adults who struggle to live in the real world. As grownups, it becomes difficult for kids to form and maintain relationships.
  2. Every child is different: If you have more than one child, it is very important to understand that raising a child is different every time you do it. The way you have been parenting your elder kid may not be the right way for your other one. As every dish needs at least few different ingredients, every child needs to be treated differently.
  3. Smile: As soon as you see your child give them a smile.  A smile, hug and a kiss are all they need from you. No matter how your day was, you will smile at your neighbor. How difficult can it be to smile at your children?
  4. Understand and Respect: Don’t expect your child to treat you with respect until you have learnt to treat them with respect. However young they are, their feelings, emotions, words are age appropriate. Don’t ignore them, Understand and respect them. They will grow up to respect you.
  5. Spend Time: Spending time with kids doesn’t mean to sit with them with a phone or a book in your hand. Not even with your mind occupied with the meeting to be attended or what to prepare for dinner. It’s all about being one among them and playing along. It doesn’t matter how much time your spending, what matters is how you are spending that time.
  6. Don’t worry: I know, it is not possible. As parents we get worried easily about our kids. But it’s necessary to keep our worries to our self and not to transfer to kids. If your kid is going to attend swimming classes, as a parent you may be worried, but it is important to hide your worries and encourage your child to go ahead and take that plunge.
  7. Don’t compare your child with anyone. They are what they are!

Lastly, as parents you should always know that Parenting is nothing about proving yourself to the world through your kids. Parenting is only about inculcating morals, ethics and values in your child that would help them grow into adults who can live their life happy and make others happy.

Priyanka Naveen

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