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15th August 2020by Amrita Bandopadhyay0
Working Woman

Several people often complain that office seems torturous and they simply do not feel like going there. Often this is a manifestation of very low motivation. There can be multiple reasons for low motivation. While some cases are extreme and may require the person to change jobs or domains, low motivation can be handled in several ways. Here are some ways in which we can handle it and motivate ourselves and our colleagues to work:

  • Build your core skills: The best way to enjoy what we do is to train ourselves in skills and be experts in that area that will help us to execute tasks effortlessly. Knowledge and skill can never be overemphasized in any work area. If we lack skills we will lag compared to other colleagues and will develop an inferiority complex leading to demotivation.
  • Be proactive: Often we wait for work to come to us. However, in all offices there are cycles of busy time and lean time. Lean times may call upon our proactive side so that we seek out work or trainings we can attend to keep ourselves occupied. “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” applies to work as well and being busy may keep our motivation up and energies well directed.
  • Clear communication: As always, voicing any concerns we have to our superiors/ peers help. In case any personal issues are affecting our motivation level we may want to take some time off and sort that out so that it does not affect the quality of work.

Work is a very important part of our life, we should try to keep our motivation up for ourselves. We must not only view it as a source of income but also an avenue to upskill ourselves and learn from our social interactions.

Amrita Bandopadhyay

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