Modus Operandi for Easy Parenting

15th August 2020by Truhap0

Bringing up children becomes a day to day challenge for many parents. All parents can undergo the stress from time to time as the children are growing with behavioural changes. Sometimes they fail to understand the problem and lose their temper leading to smacking. This disturbs the child-parent relationship to some extent. Corporal punishment will never bring a good chance in a child. So there is a need for every parent to follow some techniques to make parenting easier.

  • Understand them: As the children are growing, their needs and behaviour keep changing. When they are very young babies they cry to express their need. Older babies may express their likes and dislikes by throwing tantrums. This behaviour in toddlers which is often seen as naughty is actually quite normal and part of growing up. School going children move towards being more independent as they are continually exploring their world.  They become more challenging as they become teens, trying to develop their own identities. They start differing with parents’ views as they feel that their view is correct. The impact of friends will be more at this age. At times they undergo difficult emotions as they will not be able to express their feelings to their parents. So parents should be aware of these changes that are quite natural and do not get irritated with their behaviour. Parents should always maintain a good rapport with the children to have healthy discussions and happy solutions.  If you notice any other abnormal behavioural changes better seek counselling.
  • Reward them Every individual craves for love, attention, and recognition. As parents, we too expect recognition from people around us. It is quite natural. To recognize the good things/talents in your child and appreciate them. Sometimes we continue nagging for their mistakes but forget to appreciate for the good deeds. Surprise them with small gifts when they follow your instructions and change their behaviour. Express your desire to see them as well educated and well-mannered kids, not as the brats.
  • Correct themCorrection is very important though it is hurting the feelings of the children. They don’t readily accept corrections because they feel that they are RIGHT. Some parents don’t correct their kids at their younger age and enjoy their misbehaviour taking it very easily. They do so because of too much love for their kids or they don’t want to correct them in others’ presence. They realize their mistake later and regret the pampered brought up of their children. But by that time they become disobedient and stubborn and beyond control. So timely correction is obligatory to bring a good chance in the behaviour. But take care to make the child understand the need for the correction.
  • Be a role model:  Home is the first school for a child. A growing child is very good at observation and always likes to imitate. So parents should be very careful in the presence of kids. Avoid throwing tantrums, arguments and all sorts of quarrels. If there is a misunderstanding between wife and husband, handle it after they sleep or when they are out. They should respect each other and also their elders if they are living with them. When they see their parents showing love and care for the elders, they will definitely learn to do the same.

    Be positive Be patient & see the Progress in your child.

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