Media Is Stunning Us

15th August 2020by Truhap0

Outdoor play helps in the physical development of a child. It is important for healthy growth and motor coordination. We can observe in different species that the younger ones make a game out of everything. It is in our DNA to learn fundamental physical, social and emotional lessons through fun and enjoyment while we are young, in a safe and controlled environment.

Due to two reasons, this has become scarce.

• Development in technology.
• Increase in parental anxiety.

The media with its traumatizing images and stories based in truth is causing us harm. It’s making us fearful of fear itself. Abduction and rape stories are embedded in our minds. Everywhere we go we can’t avoid the misfortunes that have fallen on others. We are blessed to have missed it but the fear of one day it could be us has crippled us.

The best way to avoid anxiety and still wising up would be to ‘read’ the news rather than watch it. Horrific news stories don’t just shock us; They affect the way our brains work. Now imagine watching distressing images repetitively. This has a greater effect on our mental stability than hearing or reading about them.

It’s not just us adults but even children become afraid and feel unsafe. They need to be protected from viewing or hearing unsettling stories until they are 10 years of age where their minds can handle it better.

Children do not understand geographical distances. They don’t understand the difference between real-time or recorded footage or even drama. They become afraid of the world, insecure and anxious.

After the age of 10. You can start reading news with them or watch the news with them to help them understand and decrease anxiety.

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