Marriages or long-term relationships

15th August 2020by Truhap0
Marriages or long-term relationships: Arranged by almighty and maintained by mankind

Institution of marriage is the holiest concept created to assure a lifelong companionship and legitimate breeding of human being. In India we believe that marriages or relationships are made by god of course but, no marriage or lifelong committed relationship can grow and blossom until both man and woman keep nurturing it with love, trust, care and a certain sense of belongingness.

Apart from all the relationships that one gain in life, marriage or love interest is the most wonderful union where two estrange people decide to grow older together. So let us find out the secrets to a long and strong marriage or lifelong companionship.

Secrets of maintaining a happy long term relationship:

Be ready: Before you indulge into a wedding band or a committed relationship, first and foremost check yourself that are you emotionally, mentally, physically, personally, socially and financially ready for the commitment or not.

Choose wisely: Either in love marriage, arranged marriage, live-in relationship, or just a committed love affair be wise and practical to make a choice of your partner; because this relationship is of course an emotional bond but it is always advisable to be sure about the compatibility between two of you. As marriage is a lifelong association and during life, many ups and downs may come your way. You both will be able to deal with all happiness and sorrows together successfully only if you both are compatible with each other.

Accept: Ones you are ready and you have found a person compatible enough than accept your partner as an individual with a whole heart. Him or her being different from you should be a complementing asset to your life, not a reason to fight or nag whole life. Acceptance must be at both sides. The beauty of marriage or a committed long term relationship is to be one while maintaining individual identities. Your responsibilities, dreams, happiness, sorrows, relatives, customs, traditions, success, failures all are one while never trying to suppress and disrespect each other’s individual mind and opinions. Being in love or in a committed relationship doesn’t mean that you just don’t give each other some space of their own. Giving each other some personal space will always nurture an individual and will create a craving for the partner’s company.

Honesty, communication and explanation: Always maintain a level of honesty and trust in the relationship. Explain your views, you choices, your dreams, your life goals and opinions to your partner frankly and communicate with your partner about all those matters and facts about your present and past life which may be a subject of concern to your partner. Also, exercise your own right to know all about your partner too. Explain the picture of the life of your expectations.

Values, most important: Values like trust, honesty, respect, adjustment, care and love are the food for a happy and healthy marriage and a long term relationship. Both you and your partner must nurture your bond together. Keep your problems with you. Your differences can be resolved by only you both. Come what may never ever cross the limit of respect and honour of each other in any situation of argument or fight. Because once respect is gone out of your relationship then nothing is left.

The happiest secrete for a happy marriage or a strong committed relationship is to be each other’s comfort zone. Make the time which your partner spends with you as the most comfortable, rejuvenating and cheerful time of his or her day and so of life.


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