Marriage Myths That Could Hurt Your Relationship

15th August 2020by Truhap0

Myths surrounding marriage could give you unrealistic expectations and lead you to the path of disappointment. Steer clear of these myths that could snatch your happiness away.

True love triumphs over all else

This Hollywood concept alone will not help you to get over the rough days in your marriage. Besides love you need good communication, patience, commitment, rationality and kindness to lead a good conjugal life.

You complete each other

The belief that you are incomplete without your partner leads to feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability. Never rely on another person to make your life meaningful. You yourself should be responsible for making your life meaningful and happy.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is good for a healthy marriage, but the idea of sharing everything is not practical. You can share work, hobbies and goals with your partner. But remember to keep in mind the other person’s interests also.

Babies help strengthen your bond

Babies bring a lot of happiness but also stress into your life. Having a baby puts great pressure on the routine of parents. These frustrations can affect your relationship adversely if the couple does not share a good relationship.

Settle only for Mr. or Ms. Right

Blaming your spouse for the problems in your marriage could be a result of the belief that they are not Mr. or Ms. Right. However this belief is not rooted in reality, but unrealistic and fanciful expectations. Such an attitude keeps the person from working on his or her marriage.

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