Marriage and Divorce

15th August 2020by Priyanka Naveen0
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No one ever wants to end their marriage with a divorce. It’s never a pleasant experience to go through, especially, after kids.

The main vow of a marriage is staying committed forever. In good and bad times of life, the couple promises to stay intact and never give up on their marriage. Isn’t it wonderful to have a person always by your side, come what may? Sadly, people forget their vows down the line.

India is seeing an increase in divorce rate every year. The reasons may be many but mainly it’s change in attitude that comes with every generation. Divorce is necessary in few cases like marrying a person who is very abusive, alcoholic, and in few cases of arranged marriages in India, the man turns out to be impotent.  But for all other reasons the marriage can still survive if proper effort is put in by the couples.

The initial days of marriage are very important, even if they plan child immediately, they would still have good nine months to understand each other without any interference. though a couple is planning for kids or not immediately after the D-day, the couple has a minimum of nine months of period to understand each other and learn to get along with each other without any interference from kids

Marriage brings two people together, brought up in different environment, by different parents under different circumstances. It’s never easy for these two people to make a living together until a sincere effort is made. No couple has ever had a happy marriage just like that; every couple must face their own shares of ups and downs and what they learn from all this, finally makes them what they are.

Seeing a happy couple and wishing to be just like them is nothing but ignoring all the effort they put forward in understanding each other, commitment towards the relationship and most importantly their willingness to accommodate each other in their life.

Divorce is not a solution. It’s always advised to take help of experts and relationship counselors before taking a call. Now- a- days in India many relationship counselors are available to help you understand each other and make necessary changes. Learning to resolve conflicts is very necessary rather than expecting a marriage with zero conflicts.

Happy marriage never comes with change in spouse. Happy marriage needs lots of effort and attitude where you can Love, Respect, Appreciate and Understand your spouse and make considerable changes required to accommodate your spouse in your life. An attitude where you don’t want to make any changes, never give up on anything and priority being your self can never lead to happy marriage no matter who your spouse is.

Priyanka Naveen

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