Make your love life a success by avoiding these mistakes

15th August 2020by Truhap0

Want to have a happy and satisfying relationship? Make your love life a success by avoiding these mistakes.


Keep away from comparisons of all sort to keep your relationship a happy one. Comparing your present relationship to the one in the past can irk your partner and also destroy your peace of mind. Your past should be a sealed door which should never be opened before your partner and comparing him or her to your ex is never acceptable. Instead of making comparisons try to learn from your past mistakes.


Think twice before you say the words “You always…”. Generalising your partner about everything can strain your relationship badly. These words can put your partner on the defensive and thereby turn a small argument into a big fight. Calm down and tell your partner how his words or behavior affect you.

Calling names

Any name that sounds mocking, causes hurt or shows disrespect should never be used to address your partner. Your partner might never say anything about it, but such names might give rise to bad feelings.


Challenging your partner by using words like “Is that all you’ve got?” can be the starting point of an ugly fight. You might not realise that you are provoking your partner to hurt you by saying such words. Never challenge each other in the midst of a big fight.

Prolonged silence

Silence is good at times but extremely bad for the success of any relationship. No matter what, you should never ignore your partner with the aid of silence for more than a few hours. Days of silence after a fight will certainly doom your relationship. Remember,  there is nothing that a good talk cannot salvage.

Insulting your partner’s family

This is a certain no no in any relationship. Never insult your partner’s family or compare them to your’s under any circumstance. Each individual shares an emotional bond with his or her parents. Therefore, insulting the parents can be extremely hurtful and difficult to forgive.

Criticising your partner’s driving

Your partner might not be the best driver, but criticising his or her driving will not be pleasant. Unless there is an alarming situation for you to shout at your partner while driving, don’t go the extreme way. If you feel that your partner is being irresponsible behind the wheel, be gentle and use the right words to correct him or her.

Criticising your partner’s dressing

Criticising your partner’s choice of dress can be highly unacceptable. You may be mad at his or her choice of attire, but shouting will never lead you in the right way. If you don’t like the clothes your partner is wearing, try to convey your dislike in a more amicable and gentle way.

Threatening to call it off

Never threaten to end your relationship to intimidate or frighten your partner. This is a very serious thing to say and should only be used if you see that there is no chance for the two of you to live together.


“You have changed”

When in a relationship try to be careful about your words and attitude. Complaining to your partner about how much he or she has changed could rub him or her the wrong way. Such words could give the impression that you are questioning his or her character and not deeds. Try to rephrase your words by saying something like “You used to be so playful or considerate…”.

What’s the big deal!”

If you consider your partner’s feelings beware of saying things like “I don’t understand what’s the big deal here….”. You and your partner are two different people who think and act in different ways. Something which is big for him or her may not be likewise for you.

“You’re so##”

If you want to have a successful relationship you should be able to accept another person entirely along with his or her faults and virtues. Frequent use of such words will give your partner the impression that you are unable to accept him or her fully. If you want your partner to change a certain habit, point it out in a constructive and gentle way.


This word might seem harmless, but in a relationship it can give the impression that you simply don’t care. It might set your partner thinking that you do not give a damn to what he or she is thinking or wanting to do. Avoid this word and try to be more compassionate towards your love.

“I earn more than you”

Reminding your spouse constantly that you earn more than him or her can be very hurtful. Never allow money to be the master that controls your relationship. Equality in your relationship should be based on love and not on your finances.

“Stay away from my phone”

Stay away from these words for the sake of your relationship. Your phone is a device in which you store all your personal data and details. If you do not want your partner to touch your phone, it means that there is something wrong with you or your relationship. Your partner may feel that you are trying to hide something. It is best to avoid secrets in your love life.

“I hate you”

The word ‘hate’ should never spring up in your love life. Once said, you will never be able to take back those words, and remember, that it will not be easily forgotten or forgiven.

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