How To Handle Differences In Sex Drive

14th August 2020by Truhap0


Are you frustrated because your partner wants either more or less sex than you? As your needs, wishes and desires differ from those of your partner’s, so too can your sex drive. Understand that each of you is unique and different even when it comes to your individual sex drives. With understanding comes acceptance and the willingness to make compromises. So, put your frustrations aside and make your relationship a happy one by following these suggestions.

  • Communication is important when there are differences. Firstly, sit down and have an honest talk about your differences in sex drive. This can help clear misunderstandings and increase intimacy.
  • Explain to your partner that saying no is not a personal rejection and that you just can’t reciprocate as often because of a lack in craving. If you want more sex, tell your partner about your need for intimacy.
  • Try for a compromise. If, for instance, your partner wants sex five times a week and you want it only once in a week or less, agree to have sex twice a week for a while.
  • Scheduling sex for a particular day can help you to mentally prepare for it if you have a low sex drive.
  • Sit down and discuss after a month about how things are working out. Ask your partner whether he or she is feeling physically satisfied or enjoying the lovemaking?
  • If things are moving in the right direction, jump to the next level. Try to increase your days of lovemaking because the more often you make love, the more you may find yourself wanting to make love.
  • If, on the other hand, you find your interest in sex is diminishing further, opt for a change in approach. Ask your partner to make concessions for a month. Agree to have sex only when you initiate it.
  • After a month, if either of you is still unhappy with the amount of sex, talk to your healthcare provider. If a physical test reveals nothing wrong, meet a sex therapist.

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