Happy Parenting!

14th August 2020by Priyanka Naveen0

Do you feel stressed out, trying to be a perfect parent?

If Yes, let me assure you, no person who is stressed out can ever be happy. For your kids to be happy and for yourself to be happy, it’s quite important for you to realize that Parenting is not a job to be taken up with so much effort, that it is making you and your kids stressful.

Parenting is meant to be a Joy! A joy that can be cherished forever!

Here are few tips that can help you make Parenting an amazing experience for you:

  • Always stay relaxed: But how? Don’t expect your kids to behave like grownups, they are just kids. Your expectations should always be age appropriate.
  • Don’t try to be a perfect parent: None of us can be! What is important is how much your kids are connected to you emotionally and how much you have helped them be strong and independent.
  • Parenting is not a competitive sport: Don’t compare yourself with other parents. You need to learn to work on your own strengths.
  • Take a break: Rejuvenate! Especially for stay at home moms, this is very much necessary. Go for a lunch or a movie with your friends and promise yourself you will not talk about kids. After all, breaks are not meant to boast about kids.
  • Last but not the least: It’s very important for couples to maintain healthy and loving relationship after having kids. Your relationship with your spouse defines the level of happiness and emotional balance in your kids. It’s important that as couple you should love each other more than ever before. Your kids will cherish it. It would help them make relationships and resolve conflicts.

Lastly the most important person(s) in the family are parents (that is us). If we won’t teach our children now, they may never learn later. As a famous proverb says “Train up a child in the way he/she should go, and when he/she is old he/she will not depart from it”.

Priyanka Naveen

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