Handling difficult situations at work.

14th August 2020by Amrita Bandopadhyay0
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An office is often a place where we spend the maximum amount of time apart from home. Our team/colleagues become our extended family. Does that mean office environment is always teeming with positivity and no untoward situations arise? No, not at all. Offices often are scenes of animosity and misunderstanding. How do you handle such situations especially if the tiff is no longer contained between two people but spill over to the bay or office floor?

Here are some quick tips to handle such situations:

Contain the situation

Separate your arguing colleagues form the team and lead them to a meeting room and ask them to solve the situation between themselves, while you watch over them or if required an offer to intervene. Request them to keep the discussion professional and courteous.

Be patient

Even if you find the situation agitating, please remain calm and project only positive energy. Try to stay neutral and do not get drawn into the argument.

Clear communication

Be firm in your tone and if anyone of your team members crosses the line, promptly reprimand them in a professional way. It is important to clear the air and take a stand in line with your office’s policy.


Ensure that other team members do not keep the issue alive, have a short discussion and close the matter. Do not encourage other people to continue probing.

Work and related pressure of deadlines and demands from management often lead to conflict between colleagues. If handled effectively these can be resolved in an amicable way. Be fair and always stay calm in such situations.

Amrita Bandopadhyay

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