Getting Your Pre-Teen Out Of Bed In The Mornings

14th August 2020by Truhap0

Don’t struggle to wake your tween up from bed every morning

When kids are younger they keep waking up every few hours or very early in the morning. Their energies are uncontainable and it’s never too difficult to get them ready for pre-school. But as they get older and go over the 10-year mark, their internal systems tell them to stay awake for longer hours in the night and snooze during the day. The result- your entire morning energy is expended on waking your kid up for school! But, here are some simple tips that you can use to help your kid get up.

Use an interesting alarm tone

That annoying screech of the alarm is such a turn-off. Instead of the conventional stuff, try using his/her favourite song as the alarm. Let it start playing about 15 minutes before time. It will slowly set in and your kid will be able to wake up to his/her song.

Always have a worthy enough reason to make them get up

Some kids love cereal for breakfast while some others lap up the aloo ka paratha that you make. Try bribing your kid with a yummy breakfast. You could also use a new bag or arrange a carpool with some close friends.

Entrust them with the responsibility of waking up

Make it clear to your kid that waking up is his/her own responsibility and you will call out only once. Some kids love being independent and responsible for their own actions. Some others will learn it the hard way when they realize how much they are missing out on in school when they reach late.

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