Five Things That Can Gradually Ruin Your Relationship

14th August 2020by Truhap0

There is actually a pattern that can help even a layman predict the nature of the relationship- is it going to be a long-term one or is it going to be short-lived one? Couples in short-lived relationships tend to have misconceptions about love and tend to drift off to ‘la la land’ where it’s all music and romance. But, in real life, love is more about commitment and struggle than anything else.

We bring to you a list of behaviours that you must absolutely avoid in order to avoid ruining your relationship gradually. Let’s take a look.

1.Drawing daggers for every little misunderstanding

It’s common knowledge that there are very different people involved in a relationship. And that means, there is always scope for arguments. In the beginning, it’s all hunky-dory because we are a lot more tolerant of our partner’s peeves. But, as time passes, the same annoying habits become a cause for huge fights.

It is important to keep the same level of acceptance going even one, two or few years into the relationship. Couples who fight over trivial issues are facing trouble in the near future. Fights are good because they help bring out differences and help you reconcile with them. But, when every little fight turns into a big altercation, then we have a problem.

2. Ignoring our personal growth and goals

When you first enter into a relationship, it truly feels like heaven. Everything is about your partner and there is no time for anybody or anything else. This happens because our brain is releasing an excess of oxy tocin which is building attachment every minute. But, remember, if you neglect yourself at this stage, you’re going to resent your partner for doing this to you at a later stage. So, no matter how much in love you are, don’t forget to focus on yourself, your goals and your ambitions.

3. Invasion of personal space

This is a leading cause of disharmony between couples. They tend to become overly attached in the beginning and with time, are unable to understand or accept that they are two individuals with their own lives, set of friends and activities. This is very dangerous to any relationship.

The next time, your partner wants to do spend alone time or just catch up with his/her friends, let him/her do it. The key to a successful relationship is space and freedom.

4.Erosion of emotional intimacy

This is a common occurrence in long-term relationships. We tend to ignore our partner’s emotional needs and don’t indulge in long and loving conversations. But it is important to keep that spark going. And no, we don’t mean just the physical aspect of it, but also the emotional one. Go for a long drive with your lover, or just take a walk in the sunset. Things like these will help make your bond stronger.

5.Trying to change our partner

This is a common complaint many people have against their partners. The greatest beauty of love is the ability to accept someone with their many quirks and flaws. If you’re going to try to change that, you’re ultimately going to end up disappointed.

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