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The way you feed your child from the day he/she is born decides, how well you are putting in the right habits.

Why is it so important?

As discussed earlier, you are helping your child set the appropriate biological clock.

Now, how to do this right?

Feed your child once every 3 Hrs and give a minimum of 20min of suckling time. (This is NOT the time you hold the baby in your arms, for example, it may take up to 40 mins for 20 mins of suckling.)

  • The baby may tend to sleep but it’s important to keep talking to the baby while feeding and not letting the baby sleep. (You can do this by rubbing ear, tickling on feet or rubbing their palms with your thumb)
  • Do not feed while the baby is sleeping nor put the baby to sleep while feeding. You will only put your self into trouble with this habit later on.
  • The baby has to finish the feeding, burp and then go to sleep in your arms or on the bed.

In this way, you will help your baby understand that feeding and sleeping are two separate activities and cannot be combined.

All the best in preparing your child for a good appetite in the future.

Priyanka Naveen

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