Do not Let Stress Affect Your Sex Life

13th August 2020by Truhap0

Stress is an inevitable part of life. But what happens when it starts to affect your sex life? When a woman is stressed out, she can feel hopeless and helpless which in turn causes her sexual hormones to decrease rapidly. Stress plays havoc with estrogen thereby lowering fertility. The little amount of desire-inducing testosterone produced in the ovaries is also drastically affected. Follow these tips to manage stress and boost your sex life.

Find some we time

How you spend your time is of utmost importance. You may spend much of your time with your children and extended family or at work. When life becomes hectic and stressful, most couples ditch personal and couple time to complete their duties. This will certainly not liven up your sex life. Spend atleast a few minutes alone with each other everyday to keep that spark alive in your relationship.

Work on communication

Communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship. Talk to your partner if you are stressed out and have problems in your sex life. Remember to do this in a gentle and compassionate manner. Do not hesitate to discuss openly about issues like how often he/she would like to have sex, what he/she would like to do, etc.

Enjoy all physical contact

Many people have this notion that sex is incomplete without intercourse. Good sex need not lead to intercourse. Carrying such unwanted beliefs into the bedroom can stress up your sex life.

Distinguish between hype and reality

Decrease stress in your bedroom by learning to differentiate between reality and hype. Sex in movies can be spontaneous, natural and dramatic. Sex in real life will be different as you will have to find time for it. Otherwise, you may fall asleep when you get to bed.

Get counseling

If the above tips do not seem to help you, visit your healthcare provider. Your doctor may perform a health check up, and if that too is normal you may be asked to see a counselor. Therapy can aid in solving hidden problems and bring back the fun in your bedroom.

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