Connect With Your Newborn Baby

13th August 2020by Truhap0
Mother With Child

While your baby is growing in your womb, a thousand thoughts run across your mind. And when she comes into the world, you are filled with disbelief at first and then comes a surge of happiness. Your newborn can already sense and feel your presence, so make sure that you bond with her right away.

At the hospital
After the delivery, when the baby is placed against your breast, she smells and familiarizes herself with you and then reaches out for her first feed. .

Babies have a heightened sense of hearing and they are always looking out for their mothers’ voice. They recognize it instantly. So talk to your baby.

Though newborns have a smaller vision radius, they can still see. Hold your newborn close and look into her eyes. You will find her gaping back at you.

Make sure to breastfeed your baby whenever she asks for it. This is the purest form of bonding between you and your child.

Your baby knows the sound of your beating heart. So, hold her close to your heart and let her hear the beats.

At home

Nothing like a soothing massage to relax your baby. Massage her limbs gently and in circular motion.

Whenever you can, sing to your baby and dance in front of her. The sound of music and dance will help build her personality.

Rocking your baby is a sure shot way to help her unwind. Hold her in your arms and rock her gently from side to side and front and back. If you’re really good, she may end up sleeping in your arms.

Whenever you change your baby’s diaper, have fun with her. Point to her body parts and teach the function of each.

Bathing is a great way to bond with your baby. Play with her in the tub and talk to her. Splash about and have a great time with her.

Use colorful toys to alert the baby’s creativity. Play time can be learning time too.

Bonding outdoors

When you’re ready, take your baby out for a walk. Show her around and engage in a serious conversation with her.

Ensure that you are present for her vaccinations. She needs reassurance when she’s being injected by somebody new. Your presence will make her feel confident.

Make sure you get time as much as possible with your baby in her early years. That’s very important and determines what kind of a person she will grow up to be.

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