Are You Clinically Depressed?

13th August 2020by Truhap0
The sad young girl regrets for the problems.

Life is always changing. We all go through lows, which is soon followed by a period of immense happiness. This is a cycle which most of us recognize and learn to accept. However, if you notice that your life has become more about varying periods of sadness/emptiness, then something is wrong. You could be suffering from depression. Here a few signs of clinical depression and if you identify with most of them, we would recommend visiting a psychiatrist.

Constant sadness/emptiness

Depressed individuals tend to feel lost and hopeless most of the times. They lead themselves to believe that all is lost and nothing will get better even with time. They imagine that life will keep getting worse still.

Irritability over trivial issues

What we usually write off as ‘normal teenage behaviour’ could sometimes be a symptom of depression even in teenagers. Adolescence is a hard phase for most people and without enough support and guidance, this period can go horribly wrong for some people.

Similarly, adults who have seen too many failures or tragic occurrences can also experience sudden outbursts accompanied by constant irritability.

Disinterest in regular activities

When people are clinically depressed, they may refrain from indulging in those activities that they generally enjoy. This kind of behaviour may make it harder for the close ones to understand the problem and the depressed individual may end up distancing himself/herself from everybody.

Disturbances in sleeping pattern

When one is depressed, no matter how tired, he/she may experience difficulty sleeping. Conversely, one may end up sleeping too much and not want to get out of bed.

Changes in appetite:

If you find yourself eating too little, or too much and rapidly gaining weight, with no explanation, chances are you may be depressed.

Feeling of worthlessness

One may end up feeling worthless and of no value to others, when one is depressed. He/she may start fixating on past failures and blame himself/herself for wrongdoings of others too.

Feeling suicidal

This is the most dangerous symptom of depression. When one feels defeated in life and starts believing that this life is no longer worth living, suicidal thoughts start creeping in. These must be stopped immediately by seeking help from a trusted person or a professional.

If you notice that someone isn’t being herself/himself any longer and is facing difficulties in sharing their problem, bring it to the attention of their close friends/family and save them.

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