Work life balance: How to master it

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We often come across companies promising the elusive work-life balance to prospective employees. It is important to understand that work-life balance may not mean the same thing for all. While some may require fixed work hours e.g. daily nine to six, others may look forward to flexible timings. Some may want to log off and not be bothered in the evening, while others may be open to logging back in after reaching home.

Work-life balance does not mandate that hour hours should be low…the balance lies elsewhere. It is a myth that people with demanding jobs like a neurosurgeon, a physicist or a CEO cannot have work-life balance and only people with a fixed and undemanding job can achieve this balance. Fact is that people with demanding jobs can also accomplish this equilibrium with good planning and discipline.

Here are quick tips to realize work-life balance:

  • Planning: Have a clear plan for every day and stick to it. The plan should have timelines attached to each activity with suitable buffers. Refrain from adding too many activities on a single day, instead of the pace your week wisely.
  • Discipline: Plans will not work unless we have the discipline to stick to them, be faithful to your plan as far as possible. We may be hit by emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, but we should learn to prioritize, “I don’t feel like working” is not an emergency.
  • Clear communication: It is important to clearly communicate our requirements and commitments. A family should be aware that “x-y p.m.” is working time and you are not to be disturbed. Similarly, your office i.e. boss/colleagues/team should know that you should not be disturbed when you are on a family vacation.
  • Improvisation: Even after all planning we may be thrown a curveball, we must learn to improvise under such situations. A last-minute meeting can be taken while driving, a sick’s colleague share of work can be divided among two or three others.
  • Live in the moment: Last but most important, enjoy every moment and do not worry about what is going to happen.

Work-life balance is our priority and we must work towards it.

Amrita Bandopadhyay

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