Be An Understanding Parent To Your Teenager

14th July 2020by Truhap0

Things start changing as the children grow. We should be very watchful to steer our teens puberty. Here are some suggestions that can help you.

Don’t Strive To Be A Super-Parent

Life can be shambolic at times and can be comprised with it. It need not be a well set meal on a dining table. Beautiful decorations do not make a beautiful home but it is the LOVE that makes a home beautiful.

Shun negative tout

It is very annoying to see the teens getting all the pessimistic pressure. They are branded as rude and egocentric individuals. But that is not true. They are the young adults entering into a challenging world where they see different rules beyond their understanding.

Don’t Be Criticising Always

Teenagers do not have the control on feeling sidetracked with lifeIt’s OK to feel confused and hormonal too.

Don’t Crave For The Empty Nest 

Don’t dare to  dream for the relief you are going to get after your kid goes to college. Parenthood is not that simple. The happiness in the family is your responsibility. Try to create such atmosphere where your teenager can relax and can overcome the struggle if any, he or she going through. If you feel that things are difficult to handle turn to professional help instead of blaming your child.

Don’t be Guilty

Sometimes it is hard to keep up, as the goalposts move. We need to chuck the guilt and keep moving.

Don’t be a Silent Sufferer

If we are ready to learn from it, failure can be a success. Look for a support when you are not sure of the decision you are making rather than suffering within.

Don’t Keep Everyone Else Top

It is quite natural and laudable to make sure that everyone is happy at home. But it might send a message to your child that you are not very valuable, when you place yourself too far down your own schema. Maintain your position.

Don’t Stick To The Rules

Flexibility of rules at times helps you and your kid to have a good rapport. It doesn’t mean that rules are not important but they need not be written in stone to help the kids prosper.

Don’t Regret For Past Lapses

Sometimes we feel how nice it would be, if life has a REWIND BUTTON. There are always issues we wish we had handled better. You are shaped by your past decisions and mistakes and it is of no use banging yourself up now.

Don’t Justify Yourself 

We cannot say that this is the right style of parenting. You need not measure up or compete with anybody in dealing with the parenting issues. It depends on many factors.  Eventually, all we want is THE BEST for our kids.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Take it as a feedback not as a failure. Feedback can help you improve but fear makes you lose your confidence and often stops you from taking risks or accepting challenges. So don’t give room to a feeling of fear.

Don’t Be A Friend Always

Sometimes it may not work if you are like a friend to your teen but needs a distance in order to maintain the parent’s authority. Parenting a teen is compared to learning ballroom dancing where lot of the steps are wrong initially – but soon enough it starts to take shape. .

Don’t Compare

Comparison steals your joy. It shrinks your self-assurance and underlines your professed shortfalls. It would be cathartic to renounce the need to strive to meet people’s expectations.

Don’t Give Sermons

Your teenager will retreat and stop listening to, if you continue to ‘irk’ them with your long lectures. Instead of telling them what to do and what not, sit and have a healthy conversation to help solve problems.

Don’t Give Space To Arguments

Many arguments take place in messy bedrooms. Don’t lay standards that are contrary with your child’s ideas. Ignore such little things and give priority to the kid’s character development, their health and happiness.

Don’t Jump to deduction

Never speculate your child’s deeds and targets.  They may not be up to your expectations. They might also feel that you don’t trust them completely. Always give the benefit of doubt to your child and encourage him to do better.


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