Adolescence: an era of emotional evolution

14th July 2020by Truhap0

Adolescence is the time that perhaps is the most critical and sensitive phase in the journey of parenting. During this time, children go through various kinds of psychological and biological changes because of the hormonal change in their bodies; which make them confused and clueless. At the same time, the behavioural and emotional changes in the child make parents furious and helpless. It is very difficult for parents to understand that the child who was till now cute, innocent and adorable is why suddenly comes across as a complete strange personality with many unexpected and mostly unpleasant changes in their behaviour and habits. This kind of sudden change in a child’s mood and behaviour makes it difficult for parents to deal with their own child.

Changes in your child that are irritating you or making you worried are due to change in their hormones. With little patience and awareness, parents can turn this terrifying transition period of teenage into the joy of observing their child grow into an adult and can create a whole new bond of friendship and trust with their child.

Emotional and behavioural changes

  • During adolescence, children are often confused between their responsibilities as growing adults and their desires as children.
  • They tend to feel overly emotional.
  • Adolescent girls are vulnerable to crying.
  • Mood swings.
  • Getting angry on almost everything.
  • Feeling conscious about their body appearance.
  • Children who hit puberty early may even feel weird.
  • A feeling of inferiority or superiority arises.
  • Feelings and thoughts about sex can trigger a sense of guilt.
  • Teenagers are highly prone to get addicted to smoking cigarette, alcohol and drugs.
  • All those which are not good for them appear to them as the most attractive and comfortable options.
  • Independent thinking and decision making arises.


Puberty is the spring season of life. New look, new body, new emotions start blossoming in teenager’s personality. Just welcome it as a complete normal and obvious fact of life. Here is how you can help your kid deal with these emotional problems of adolescence.

  • Try to win their confidence that they can share their feelings with you and tell them that it is okay to feel the way they are feeling.
  • Encourage them to exercise as physical activity helps keep the hormonal balance that will prevent them from feeling negative.
  • The tendency to rubble and question all the set norms of life make then stubborn enough not to take any one’s advise easily so avoid giving them one until they are not ready for it.
  • Make them talk to an older sibling who has gone through the same adolescence time. It will emphasize them.
  • Being a friend may not work all the time; you need to keep a detective eye on their habits to keep a check regarding addiction and bad company.
  • Teach them about the sexually transmitted disease and to be careful regarding sexual activities.
  • Handle their mood swings and anger with patience as the reason behind it is nothing but the hormonal change they are going through.

The ultimate solution to all those worries of the parent of a teenager who is going through their adolescent period is to communicate, educate, console, listen, protect, and accept.

First of all, remind yourself that you also have gone through this phase. Remind yourself that this is the same child you love unconditionally, and whatever is happening is due to the hormonal changes in your child’s body. Remind yourself that unsaying you have promised to be by their side, come what may; and of course celebrate; yes, celebrate your child’s lovely transition from a giggling baby into a mature and responsible adult, who will soon take your position in life and society. That is the ultimate destination of your parenting journey ……isn’t it?

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