Smartphone Addiction In Children

23rd June 2020by Truhap0

It has been recorded in Japan, Central Council for Education that children’s physical development is deteriorating. They can no longer run as fast, jump as high or throw and catch a ball as well as they did in the past. This is all due to not enough outdoor activities and the advancements in technology.

Gaming addiction is detroying young lives. Children who spend hours and hours playing games may become violent and may prefer isolating themselves from everyone and everything. They may appear lethargic and disinterested. There could be a decline in academic performance and beginning of sleep disturbances. Its not just gaming, smartphone addiction has become prevalent in toddlers as well.

Addiction to tech devices is much more serious for toddlers than it is for adults, as the brain and body is still developing and gadgets have known to slow down brain development. They also increase risks for cancer and create an addictive personality as the smartphone teaches the child how easy it is to get something with just a single click. Its the gateway to addiction.

It encourages social anxiety. Your child may want to stay away from peers and prefer being alone on the phone watching YouTube. Or playing games. They may throw tantrums and become overly sensitive when the phone is taken away or if their demands are not met.

There is nothing wrong with a little gaming or phone time once in a while. Our concern is its overuse. Toddlers should not be using phones at all, whereas teenagers and adults should try to keep it to a minimum.

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