• 23 Mar
    Modern Women and Career
    By Priyanka Naveen

    As a girl, I was brought up equal to my brother in all aspects including education and comfort. However parents in south India consider only two options for their kids- Engineer or Doctor, irrespec...

    • 24 May
    Why do we see fewer women at higher levels of hierarchy?
    By Nidarshana

    The last decade of the very new 21st century has witnessed a great deal on feminism and career-oriented women. We are being encouraged to pursue our careers, to reach for the stars and to not fear ...

    • 15 Feb
    Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Career
    By Truhap

    THREE SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CAREER -   As a working mother, first of all you should have an idea about what could be done to have the best ca...

    • 19 Jan
    How To Keep Your Cool At Work
    By Truhap

    We’re all super charged at work and showcase what a powerhouse we all are.The alpha female in us is all raring to go. In our excitement, we often end up biting more than we can chew and with ...

    • 12 Jan
    Is This Really A Golden Era For Women?
    By Truhap

    Here are some issues that may make you think otherwise. They say that this is the golden period for women and one must consider herself fortunate to be born a woman today. Why not? Wome...

    • 17 Dec
    5 Things At Work You\'d Rather Keep To Yourself
    By Truhap

    Spending an awful amount of time at work and interacting closely with co-workers can create the perfect atmosphere to share and divulge information about yourself. However, one must be careful to n...