• 12Oct
    Reinforcement theory and why it is important
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Reinforcement is a term used in behavioral analysis and in a specific kind of intentional behavior change known as operant conditioning. It is a process of increasing the incidence of a (measurable...

    • 10Oct
    The Conundrum of Staying Motivated
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    We all have dreams, some of us even have road maps on how to achieve them, few of us work hard for these dreams but it is only the ones who are persistent and consistent in their hard work realize ...

    • 24Sep
    Whom Did You Call a Retard?
    By Raveena Singh

    Intellectual Disability/Intellectual Developmental Disorder (ID/IDD), formerly known as “Mental Retardation” is a neurodevelopmental disorder (onset in childhood/adolescence). It includ...

    • 14Sep
    Amygdala Hijack
    By Badri Pavan

    Have you ever wondered why have you reacted the way you did to a particular situation? You could have reacted in a better way but you could not? All your emotions where taking you in control?...

    • 31Jul
    STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS-Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud!
    By Arshi Alam

    It is very important to be consistent with students with special needs, and to create a predictable environment for them. Structure is very important to them because their out-of-school environment...

    • 20Jan
    Why You Need Best Friends?
    By Truhap

    It is said that best friends are like a four-leaf clover- hard to find and lucky to have. And if we are indeed lucky at times, we want nothing but to be around our closest buddies and forget everyt...