• 18Apr
    Sleep Well !
    By Priyanka Naveen

    Sleep….Sleep well, Sleep tight… We say this to our kids while putting them to bed. But why? Sleep is the most important part of our routine. It rejounavates, heals...

    • 18Apr
    Do Almonds Really Help Improve Memory?
    By Sakina Modi

    Remember those exam days when your parents would force you to munch on a few almonds stating it will help improve your memory?  All through our lives we've come across talks abou...

    • 20Feb
    Your child can hear the unspoken
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    It’s just not the stories you tell, not the values you preach, not the morals you teach that effect your child’s personality but the way you are standing while talking to them, the way ...

    • 15Feb
    Parenting is Crucial!
    By Priyanka Naveen

    Being a mother of two, Parenting has always been a challenge. Taking Parenting sessions and counseling parents had never made parenting easy for me.  It needs lot of time and effort. I must pr...

    • 13Feb
    Phobia: it is not uncommon!
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    As the old adage goes “anything in excess is opposed to nature.” The same stands for human fear. Fear has kept our ancestors alive and forced them to be smarter. Just like the innate fe...

    • 22Jan
    Parents and their Attitude towards kids
    By Priyanka Naveen

    As Parents we expect our kids to behave or develop right attitude. Isn’t it necessary, that as a parent we also build an appropriate attitude towards our kids? Our attitud...

    • 11Jan
    Happy Parenting!
    By Priyanka Naveen

    Do you feel stressed out, trying to be a perfect parent? If Yes, let me assure you, no person who is stressed out can ever be happy. For your kids to be happy and for yourself to be happy...

    • 09Jan
    When is the right time to seek guidance about parenting?
    By Priyanka Naveen

    Trying to get some tips on Parenting? No doubt much information is available all over the internet world! But is everything useful? And which one should you try? ...

    • 11Dec
    Maternity leave
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Indian law grants women working in the organized sector paid maternity leave of 26 weeks. This limit was earlier 12 weeks, it was increased to 26 in 2017. The Act is applicable to all establishment...

    • 15Nov
    Is your child just a picky eat? Or is he suffering from a feeding disorder?
    By Rayne Theron

    "It is easier to build up a child that it is to repair an adult." Feeding disorders: It's interesting how we call an eating disorder in infancy and early ch...

    • 14Nov
    Various ways of learning
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Individuals have different ways of learning, each have their own style and technique. Some may prefer writing, while others prefer reading aloud. Others may learn best by observing. The styles over...

    • 11Nov
    Encouraging Honesty in Children
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    Honesty is not the first resort for most of the adults let alone expecting it from children. Kids start experimenting with the art of deception as early as two years of age. It would be frustrating...

    • 24Oct
    Language Delay
    By Rayne Theron

    Child development milestones are the significant 'events in development' that when delayed may cause internal doubt and panic to a parent. Sometimes, it could be a false alarm. The child is...

    • 22Oct
    Separation Anxiety Disorder
    By Rayne Theron

    Separation anxiety, you know the moment you realize that your phone is missing, you begin to panic and then you start having thoughts: "Is it stolen?", "I have lost it forever"....

    • 16Oct
    Specific Learning Disorder: 10 Pointers for Understanding and Intervention
    By Raveena Singh

    Specific learning disorders refer to difficulties in acquiring and using specific academic skills like reading (includes accuracy of reading, fluency, and ability to comprehend what is read), mathe...

    • 04Sep
    When to be a parent? Decide carefully
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Parents often say that having a baby changed their lives. It is true that having a child is a life altering event. However young couples often face pressure from families and friends to have a baby...

    • 06Aug
    Fragile X Syndrome
    By Arshi Alam

    We are made up of millions of cells, which carries the genetic information that we inherit from our parents. Genes are found lined up on chromosomes which are packed with thousands of chromosomes. ...

    • 05Oct
    Tips To Be An Awesome Mother
    By Vinaya Saunders

    Wake up early Just half an hour of experiencing the silence of the early morning can increase your energy levels. It is essential to have some ‘me’ time every...

    • 22Feb
    Be An Understanding Parent To Your Teenager
    By Truhap

    Things start changing as the children grow. We should be very watchful to steer our teens puberty. Here are some suggestions that can help you. Don’t Strive To Be A Super-Pa...

    • 23Feb
    Gadgets, Do We Love Them Or Hate Them?
    By Dr. Srilatha Reddy

    Kid finding math difficult? Get him the ‘Math Genie’ iPad app and all your problems will be solved. Kid is bored during summer vacation and it’s too hot to send her out? No worrie...

    • 27Feb
    Be A Guide To Your Kids
    By Truhap

    A guide can be a person who advises others, especially in matters of behavior or belief. Every family has its own rules, boundaries and certain practices. So, all the children will need a guide to ...

    • 28Feb
    Modus Operandi for Easy Parenting
    By Truhap

    Bringing up children becomes a day to day challenge for many parents. All parents can undergo the stress from time to time as the children are growing with behavioral changes. Sometimes they fail t...

    • 09Mar
    What Not To Do While Visiting A Newborn Baby
    By Truhap

      Things you definitely shouldn’t do when you’re about to meet the new bundle of joy   So, your friend/sister/cousin/some family...

    • 30Mar
    Improve Your Child's Performance During Exams Through Right Food
    By Ankita Gupta

    The dreaded final exams are around the corner. With stress levels rising and exam preparations taking away most of our time, we have to make a conscious effort to watch our children’s nutriti...

    • 03Jul
    Tiffin Box! Every mom’s daily concern.
    By Truhap

    South India, as we all know is a well known Educational Hub. Every parent, how much ever is concerned with kid’s education, is also constantly concerned about the daily dose of nutrition the ...

    • 23Dec
    Connect With Your Newborn Baby
    By Truhap

    While your baby is growing in your womb, a thousand thoughts run across your mind. And when she comes into the world, you are filled with disbelief at first and then comes a surge of happiness. You...

    • 22Mar
    Adolescence: an era of emotional evolution
    By Truhap

    Adolescence is the time that perhaps is the most critical and sensitive phase in the journey of parenting. During this time, children go through various kinds of psychological and biological change...

    • 18Jul
    Autism is not a Tragedy but Ignorance is.
    By Arshi Alam

    ‘Children with autism are colourful, they are often very beautiful and like the rainbow, they stand out’ – Adele Devine Autism has been widely known in twentieth century...

    • 29Jan
    Getting Your Pre-Teen Out Of Bed In The Mornings
    By Truhap

    Don’t struggle to wake your tween up from bed every morning When kids are younger they keep waking up every few hours or very early in the morning. Their energies...

    • 29Jan
    Some Alternatives To Spanking Your Child
    By Truhap

    Your dinner is still getting ready and you’re yet to lay the table, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, the TV is super loud and this is the moment your kid decides to accidentally drop an ...

    • 08Feb
    Special Exam Food For Your Brain!
    By Ankita Gupta

    It's a well-known fact that we derive energy from the food that we eat. Like all the other organs, our brain too, processes the food that we consume. So, if you are somebody who is preparing fo...