• 18Feb
    Next Mood Swing In 6 Minutes - Mood Disorders
    By Rayne Theron

    Next mood swing in 6 minutes. Be afraid. Very afraid. -Anonymous We all go through the lows and highs of life. Where is the line that when ...

    • 11Feb
    The Survivors - Dissociative Identity Disorder
    By Rayne Theron

    "Dissociative Identity Disorder is not a weakness but rather an extremely strong desire to survive." -Anonymous One of the most controversial disorders. Have you considered what...

    • 07Feb
    Think You understand Self-Harm. Think Again.
    By Rayne Theron

    TRIGGER WARNING. FOR PEOPLE WHO SELF HARM. CONTAINS SENSITIVE INFORMATION. Self Harm. The word itself doesn't make sense. Why would anyone do that? To physically hurt...

    • 25Jan
    Pain Disorder
    By Rayne Theron

    "Mental illness People assume you aren't sick  unless they see the sickness on your skin  like scars forming a map of all the ways you&#...

    • 23Jan
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    By Rayne Theron

    "It's like being controlled by a puppeteer."- Toni Neville The simplest way to understand OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is understanding the t...

    • 09Jan
    By Sakina Modi

    Yes, I am sure we all know about certain brain booster like nuts, eggs, seeds, oils, etc. However, today, I have come up with some unique boosters for your memory enhancement: Bro...

    • 07Jan
    By Sakina Modi

    So, let me start by asking you a simple question… what is mental health according to you? Does a person suffering from insomnia look mentally ill to you? Mental health is a vast subject. It&...

    • 31Dec
    Emotional Courage
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    Set 1: Joy, Love, Hope, Inspired, Motivated, Pride Set 2: Anger, Grief, Guilt, Sadness, Vulnerability, Anxiety, Shame You don’t have to pay ...

    • 18Dec
    Beginners Guide To Essential Oils
    By Rayne Theron

    "Essential Oils help, assist and support. The world needs to be more like essential oils." I had trouble with sleep. It was driving me insane. I would go for da...

    • 26Nov
    The Art Of Our Minds - Dreams
    By Rayne Theron

    "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it fate." – Carl Jung The unconscious is the part of your mind that you aren't a...

    • 24Nov
    Needs Theory: What do we need?
    By Partha Saradhi

    Every day, we all keep doing a lot of things. We need and spend a lot of energy doing them. Did you ever wonder why in the first place do we have to do anything? cant we simply eat, sleep and die?...

    • 18Nov
    All About The Tic's
    By Rayne Theron

    There's this superstition that hiccups mean: Someone is missing you. First off, I don't believe it because I don't get hiccups as often as other and I am pretty awesome. So clearly ther...

    • 03Nov
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a phy...

    • 23Oct
    Selective Mutism
    By Rayne Theron

    I had a friend, who refused to speak. At least that's what I thought. I thought she 'choose' not to speak. She loved her brother a lot and would only talk to him and that too in whisper...

    • 17Oct
    Sleep and its importance
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Sleep has been a neglected and severely underrated aspect of our lives, mainly because till recently scientists have been unable to explain why we sleep. Let’s take an easy way down the recen...

    • 09Oct
    Understanding ADHD
    By Raveena Singh

    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder (onset before age 12) with a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with...

    • 02Oct
    Secret of successful Attention
    By Partha Saradhi

    We all must have had issues with our attention, at some or the other point of time in our lives.. be it in the classroom or in an important meeting etc. Ever wondered why is that so hard to be focu...

    • 26Sep
    Incubation Effect : Problem Solving
    By Partha Saradhi

    Are you a hard worker? Are you sitting in-front of your problem hours together? We dont think you need to… People sit on a problem for hours without any progress and get the soluti...

    • 20Sep
    Issues in pattern recognition
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Issues in pattern recognition Put very simply, pattern recognition involves matching information from a stimulus (visual, auditory, tactical) to information in the memory...

    • 17Sep
    Move Your Way to Wellness
    By Raveena Singh

    How do we know that something is alive? A basic question we try and answer in junior biology classes. One of the basic answers is locomotion, or simply, the ability to move. A plant whose actual lo...

    • 05Sep
    Lose Guilt rather than weight
    By Arshi Alam

    Eating disorders are an important cause for social, emotional and physical concerns in adolescent girls and women. It is much less frequent with males. But young girls and boys are no longer immune...

    • 25Jul
    Reading between the lines
    By Arshi Alam

    It strikes me every day, if I have to define myself in one line, in one paragraph, I wonder how I would define myself. I have never really been able to define myself independent of my surroundings,...

    • 23Sep
    Homemakers In A Foreign Land
    By Truhap

    You might never know in which country you end up staying after marriage. Many women marry men working in foreign countries, while some may return back to their native place after their onsite work ...

    • 28Sep
    Ten Ways To Manage Your Time As A New Mom
    By Vinaya Saunders

    Motherhood is a delight but also a great responsibility. Here are a few ways to deal with the ups and downs of motherhood. 1. Sleep! Sleep should be your first pr...

    • 16Dec
    The decision against having sex
    By Truhap

    The only sureshot way of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence. If your partner and you are willing to wait a while before you get sexually involved with each other, it...

    • 22Dec
    The Secret To Happiness
    By Truhap

    When our parents become our friends and guides, it becomes easier for us to imbibe their best qualities. One thing common to all our parents is their detachment from material goods and love for eve...

    • 03Feb
    Why Women Should Start Prioritising their Health?
    By Dr.Supriya Tiwari

    2017 is going to be an awesome year healthwise not only for women but 'health for all'. The reason I am saying this is because there has never been a time when health-related awareness had ...

    • 20Feb
    Time To Make Your Mind To Take Care Of You (Too):
    By Truhap

    Time to make your mind to take care of You (too): As moms we forget to focus on self health because we don’t take sick days. Our priority is always the family-hus...

    • 02Mar
    Do not prove yourself to the world
    By Truhap

    Here’s why you need to stop proving yourself to the world We are stuck in this never ending race to outdo each other. Our lives have become more about achievements,...

    • 05Sep
    Women, Periods, Hormones and Motherhood
    By Vinaya Saunders

    My Dear Uterus, I love you. I love you beyond any words. I love it when you come smiling in red color every month. It makes me happy to see that my body is giving me feedback, for all the...

    • 23Dec
    9 Sex Concerns Everyone Worries About
    By Truhap

    1. Cramping up when things are getting good                                         ...

    • 09Feb
    To Keep Your Mind Sharp - Green Tea & Red Grapes
    By Nikita Bansal Dalmia

    Like grapes, green tea defends against the memory-robbing beta- amyloid, and it's also brimming with anti- oxidant polyphenols. Red grapes are a top source of resveratrol, a plant chemical that...

    • 04Apr
    How Stress Affects Women
    By Truhap

    Men and women respond to stress in different ways. The effects of the anti-stress hormone oxytocin is increased by estrogen whereas it is decreased by testosterone. This gives an added advantage to...

    • 11Apr
    Why Exercise Is Good For You
    By Truhap

    What can exercise do for you? For many people exercise is the way to lose those extra pounds. But exercise is not just about losing weight. Regular exercise can help cut your risk of more than...

    • 11Apr
    Cell Phone Effects On Brain
    By Truhap

    Is the use of cell phones affecting our health in an adverse manner? This is a question which has been asked for quite sometime now. Yet a satisfactory answer has not been found. A new study now sh...

    • 11Apr
    Tips To Break Bad Habits
    By Truhap

    Replacing your bad habits with good and healthy ones can seem quite difficult. But nothing is impossible if you have the will to take charge of your life. Break bad habits with these easy tips and ...

    • 11Apr
    Mental Health Issues For Women At Midlife
    By Truhap

    Middle age is a time of great change for a woman, both physically and emotionally. It is the time when you may have to deal with your grown up children, take care of your aging parents, tackle fina...

    • 09May
    Healing After Delivery
    By Truhap

    Your body needs time to recover after childbirth. The tremendous change your body has undergone in the past nine months along with the delivery process has changed you both physically and mentally....

    • 18May
    Self-Care Is Taking Responsibility For Your Conscious Mind
    By Vinaya Saunders

    What exactly is self-care? In today’s world, everyone is selfish and thinks only about themselves. Spirituality teaches us that we have to become on the inside the ...

    • 16Jun
    Do not Let Stress Affect Your Sex Life
    By Truhap

    Stress is an inevitable part of life. But what happens when it starts to affect your sex life? When a woman is stressed out, she can feel hopeless and helpless which in turn causes her sexual hormo...

    • 16Jun
    Hormones And Sexual Desire
    By Truhap

    Sexual desire in women is fuelled by a number of hormones. The two major hormones that affect a woman’s sexual desire and functioning are estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen...

    • 04Jul
    How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
    By Truhap

    Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour. Advancing age and genetic factors play a major role in the development of Alzheimer’s...

    • 20Jul
    New Hobbies For You
    By Truhap

    Hobbies can enrich your lives by inspiring creativity and keeping boredom away. Some hobbies provide solitary time while others help to socialise. Take a look at this list of hobbies and pick one ...

    • 29Aug
    Exercises In Pcos
    By Dr.Supriya Tiwari

    There is a lot of confusion among women about exercises one should do in PCOS so I thought to compile everything at one place. Weight gain in PCOS is mainly in and around your waist area (it is cal...

    • 19Jun
    Are You Clinically Depressed?
    By Truhap

    Life is always changing. We all go through lows, which is soon followed by a period of immense happiness. This is a cycle which most of us recognize and learn to accept. However, if you notice tha...