• 05Oct
    Job satisfaction and performance
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Individuals who find satisfaction in their daily job and usually noted to be more productive adding to individual as well as organizational performance. Employees who derive job satisfaction at wor...

    • 01Oct
    We are all intelligent…In our own way
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    It is common that first generation college goers opt for the courses that guarantee them a well-paying job irrespective of their capabilities in the subject they choose, work really hard and achiev...

    • 22Sep
    Basics of workplace etiquette
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    It was a multinational company with excellent infrastructure and hodgepodge of people coming from various cultures. There were a group of employees relaxing in a pantry on one of the many floors in...

    • 11Sep
    How to Deal with Narcissists at Work
    By Krishna Gangadhar

    “He/She blows his own trumpet on contrary to reality. He makes jokes at expense of others to belittle them. He dumps his mistakes on everyone at the drop of a hat. He has to be the center of ...

    • 10Sep
    Motivation to work
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Several people often complain that office seems torturous and they simply do not feel like going there. Often this is a manifestation of very low motivation. There can be multiple reasons for low m...

    • 11Aug
    Being Professional
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    We often make great friends at work, there are several instances where people have found their one true love in a colleague. It is only natural to bond with people we spend so much time with. ...

    • 07Aug
    Work life balance: How to master it
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    We often come across companies promising the elusive work life balance to prospective employees. It is important to understand that work life balance may not mean the same thing for all. While some...

    • 06Aug
    Handling difficult situations at work.
    By Amrita Bandopadhyay

    Office is often a place where we spend the maximum amount of time apart from home. Our team/colleagues become our extended family. Does that mean office environment is always teeming with positivit...

    • 23Nov
    Makeup Tips For A Perfect Professional Look
    By Aliya AlMahmoud

    For working women, I believe less is more. According to our Indian climate, we need loads of sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that helps you retain moisture but prevents greasiness. A sunscreen with a...

    • 17Dec
    5 Things At Work You'd Rather Keep To Yourself
    By Truhap

    Spending an awful amount of time at work and interacting closely with co-workers can create the perfect atmosphere to share and divulge information about yourself. However, one must be careful to n...

    • 15Feb
    Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Career
    By Truhap

    THREE SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CAREER -   As a working mother, first of all you should have an idea about what could be done to have the best ca...

    • 24Mar
    Distance Education
    By Priyanka Naveen

    Whether you are working or stay-at-home mom with a plan to get to work sooner or later, Distance Education for sure is an option to consider. Yes, Distance Education unlike few years back, many are...

    • 19Jan
    How To Keep Your Cool At Work
    By Truhap

    We’re all super charged at work and showcase what a powerhouse we all are.The alpha female in us is all raring to go. In our excitement, we often end up biting more than we can chew and with ...

    • 03Mar
    Return To Work Successfully After A Career Break
    By Truhap

    Planning to return to work after a break? Going back to work after a long break can seem very intimidating. But there is no reason why you can’t restart your career if you are ready. Boost up...