Women and Weight Training and its Importance


Image Courtesy By: Pixabay

Every woman has a deep desire to lose that stubborn fat and look a lot healthier and feel better. If you are one of them, DO NOT fear grabbing a pair of dumbbells.

MYTH of Weight Training

It’s a known fact that women are scared to lift those heavy weights because of the misconception in their heads.

  • Lifting heavy will make you bulky: It just won't happen. women have testosterone levels that are about 15 to 20 times lower than those of men. It is physically impossible for them to get big, bulky and extremely muscular

  • Cardio burns more FAT, when compared to weight/strength training: Too much cardio when done, can cause your body to stop responding and plateau (period of time where there is no change). Cardio alone will not help you get that toned look. Besides, doing just cardio is ok, but you risk losing some lean muscle mass. So, if you want to burn that fat faster and look hotter, start weight training soon

  • Lifting will make you gain weight: When your diet is intact and you do weight training, rest assured that there is no way that you will gain weight. In fact, weight training will help you lose those inches and make you feel a lot leaner and tighter.

Benefits of Weight Training                                                                

  • Weight /strength training increases lean mass, boosts metabolism and     strengthens bones

  • You'll burn more calories and great way to lose stubborn fat

  • Lifting weights is a great way to get the shape of the body that you may be seeking

  • An exercise regimen that incorporates lifting weights can enhance your overall effort to reduce the appearance of cellulite (persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women's hips and thighs)

  • Reduces depression symptoms, helps you sleep better and make you mentally stronger

  • Fights osteoporosis, as you age, you naturally lose muscle and bone mass, lifting weights can fight this muscles adapt to the stress of weightlifting by becoming bigger and stronger, your bones also adapt. Anytime your bones perceive stress, the response is that more bone will be deposited.

  • Ageing process gets slower than usual

  • Weight training exercise like squats and deadlifts will make you sure you have a defined back and strong legs. Legs being the biggest muscle of the body need to be the strongest as most the intense work is carried out by those muscles throughout the day

  • Weight training helps you tighten loose skin which is not possible only through cardio.

Weightlifting is the best way to get a lean, toned, fit body -- for both men and women. You can do all the cardio you want, but without some form of resistance training to challenge the muscles, you won't get those toned muscles in all the right places, the ones that shape your body.