What Will You Fill In Your Shopping Basket This New Year?????


Image Courtesy By: Sakina Patrawala

So, the New Year has finally started with a BANG!!!  All the parties, celebrations, drinking and fun is over!! However, in this NEW beginning, have we ever thought of what is our NEW YEAR RESOLUTION going to be?? No wonder, every individual would want a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. We would all wish to spend the least on medicines and syrups so that we increase our shelf life by few more years! So, how can we make this 2016, a HEALTHY YEAR?????

  • REGULAR HEALTH CHECK UPS- ensure that you and your family goes for a complete health check-up, atleast every 8-10 months! This will help you to ward off the possibilities of any upcoming health disease. Hence, it’s rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure”.  Such regular check-ups will make sure that you give your body the right kind of nutrition and vitamins to keep it fit and fine!


  • A HEALTHY SHOPPING BASKET- don’t forget to fill in your shopping basket in the start of every month. Make sure, this year, you pick up all the healthy stuff in place of all the unhealthy junk you used to buy all these years!  Switch to low fat dairy products, include more veggies and fruits, pick a handful of nuts and a fresh pack of herbal tea!


  • STOCK YOUR VITAMINS AND MEDICINES- ensure you have the necessary stock of all your medicines and vitamins. As you age, basic multivitamins will surely keep you energetic and fresh. In todays’ technological world, make use of the “SMART APPS” on your phones- to order medicines online, to keep reminders for your medicine dosages, etc.


  • IMPROVED ACTIVENESS- Yes, its high time now! Remove those walking shoes from your closet and wear them on!  This year, promise to indulge yourself in some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. Give yourself a good 6hours of activity in a week- DO NOT SHARE THIS TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE! In addition to this, you can always increase your activeness by taking the steps wherever possible, taking a walk for shorter distances, walking while on a call, etc. Who doesn’t want a fit and toned body?? So, what are you waiting for, go for it!


  • BALANCE IS A MUST- Creating a balance between a healthy diet, active lifestyle and intake of required vitamins and minerals, is what I call a perfect start to this New year! Ensure you meet your doctor and your nutritionist regularly. Also, keep a check on your physical activity on a day-to-day basis. Increase your activeness gradually, this will keep you fit and energetic. A word of CAUTION- Do NOT pop in unnecessary tablets prescribed by anyone other than your doctor or nutritionist!


  • KEEP THE JUNK ASIDE- This is surely going to be a task for most of you! But, we all must remember, that we all have a lot of things that we have left behind in the last year. So, why take our JUNK-EATING habits with us this year? Go ahead and leave them where you started them.  This act itself, will make you healthier and fitter, day-by-day!


In the end, I would say, it’s NOT wrong to be healthy! The path towards health and fitness is easy, just take the steps more carefully and wisely, you will be there soon!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, HOPE YOU HAVE A HEALTHY AND WEALTHY YEAR AHEAD!!