Walk With Happy Feet


Your feet are one of the hardest working parts of your body, but sadly one of the most neglected also. Your feet take you around in the world. So take some time to keep them soft, strong and free of problems.

Let your feet breathe

Feet covered in socks and shoes all day can create various problems like bad odour and infections. Give preference to sandals over shoes whenever you can. Changing your socks at least once a day and having an extra pair of shoe help in keeping feet comfortable.

Keep your feet clean

Make it a point to wash your feet well using a good soap. Give special attention to the areas between your toes. Also be sure to dry feet completely, including between the toes.

Take care of that blister

If you have a blister make sure that you don’t pop it open. Most blisters heal on their own. When it bursts naturally wash the area with soap and water. Apply an antiseptic ointment and cover with a bandage.

Moisturize your feet

Dry skin is common in the winter months. The result of this can be scales and cracked heels. Use a good moisturizer to overcome dryness. Pumice stones or foot files come in handy to get rid of any hard bits of skin.

Don’t fail your toenails

Your toenails can be breeding grounds for all sorts of fungus and bacteria. Ingrown nails are a very common problem which most people face. Keep infections at bay by using nail cutters to snip the nails well without getting too close to the skin.